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Ismaninger Wappen Deutschlandkarte, Position von Ismaning hervorgehoben
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Bavaria
governmental district: Upper Bavaria
district: Munich
surface: 40.19 km ²
inhabitants: 14.646 (30. June 2005)
Population density: 360 Einwohner/km ²
height: 485 m and. NN
postal zip code: 85737
preselection: 089
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 48° 13'33 " N, 11° 40 ' 21 " O
48° 13 ' 33 " N, 11° 40 ' 21 " O
Kfz characteristics: M
municipality characteristic number: 09 1 84 130
of the local administration:
Lock road 2
85737 Ismaning
E-Mail address:
mayor Michael Sedlmair (FWG)

Ismaning (old: Yserrain) is a municipality in the north of the district Munich, governmental district Upper Bavaria. The place lies about seven kilometers northeast from Munich on the right high bank of the Isar. Originally the agriculturally coined/shaped municipality is well-known since center of the 1990er years as important medium location. Northeast the placea large transmitter of the Bavarian broadcast is since 1932. Ismaning is member of the north alliance.

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neighbour municipalities

in the north and the east form the municipality border of Ismaning the border of the district Munich. The place borders in the north on the municipalities Eching and Hallbergmoos (both district freesing), inThe east to the municipalities Moosinning and Finsing (both district Erding), in the south to the municipalities Aschheim and Unterföhring (both district Munich) and in the west to the city Munich as well as to the city Garching b.München (likewise district Munich).

coat of arms

the coat of arms thatMunicipality Ismaning originates from the year 1929 and stands for over centuries the lasting connections to the city freesings. In the top of the sign a Mohr with red crown is to be seen, to which originally from the coat of arms of the high pin freesing comes. Bishop Otto ofFreesing yourself is the right to have carried have earned with his participation in the second crusade carrots in the coat of arms . In the lower part of the sign are three silver lozenges standing next to each other (wake mentioned). They originate from the family coat of arms of prince bishop Johann Franz hit a corner ago,which the lock Ismaning builds.


copper pass of Michael Wening in Topographia Bavariae around 1700.
  • 6./7. Century: first bajuwarische settling
  • 809 first documentary mention concerning a law case conciliation by bishop Atto
  • 1319 sales of the localities Ismaning, Unterföhring, Englschalking and Daglfing to the FreisingerHigh pin by the duke of Bavaria and later German emperor Ludwig Bavaria against “one hundred March of plumb bob ring silver”. Thus the “county on the Yserrain” develops as closed rule area of the Freisinger of bishops.
  • 1530 take over bishop Philipp von Freising of the Haushaimern, a Freisinger cathedral gentleman Mr., of themIsmaninger countryseat and builds a Renaissance lock with four towers. From the “county Yserrain” becomes the “realm county Ismaning”.
  • 1632 breaks in in the dreissigjährigen war Swedish troops plündernd and plundering in Ismaning. More than the stops of the inhabitants dies in the following time at the plague.
  • 1678 - 1902 building of the baroque Johanniskirche.
  • 1716 - 1724 baroque transformation of the Ismaninger of lock under prince bishop Johann Franz hit a corner ago, under crucial co-operation of Johann Baptist Carpenter.
  • 1802/1803 terminate the secularization those nearly 500jährige era of the Freisinger of prince bishops. The lock and itsMechanism are partly destroyed.
  • 1816 takes over the stepson Napleons, Eugen Beauharnais, and its wife Augusts Amalie, daughter of the Bavarian king Maximilian I., the Ismaninger lock and let transform it by Leo of Klenze klassizistisch.
  • 1851 death of Augusts Amalie. The lockseveral times the owners change.
  • 1899 - 1919 the Ismaninger lock are property of the city Munich.
  • 1932 - Start-up of the transmitter Ismaning
  • 1983 - that already long except enterprise wooden transmitting tower present in Ismaning, the last one of its kind in Germany, is torn off because of state of decay


mayors of the municipality are for May 1990 Michael Sedlmair of the free voter community Ismaning. Its predecessors in this office were:


Ein Hotel am Seebach in der historischen Ortsmitte von Ismaning.
a hotel at the sea-brook in thathistorical local center of Ismaning.
  • 7,000 private households
  • of 2,048 industrial concerns
  • of 84 agricultural enterprises
  • of 11 hotels

conditions: 31. January 2005


by its situation in the north is Ismaning well opened. The residents of Munich city center is just as good thus to reach as the motorway and the airport. Ismaning lies to the A99, B471, B388 and the state road 2053 (Unterföhring Munich).

The rapid-transit railway - line S8 connects Ismaning in the 20-minutes pulse with about in each case 20 minutes travel time with Munich and the airport.

In addition Ismaning has quite good bus connections to the student city (bus231), to the fair (bus 228), after Garching (bus 230) and after Erding (bus 531).

inhabitant development

year inhabitant
1900 1,951
1910 2,359
1919 2,402
1946 4,460
1950 4,795
1960 5,860
year inhabitant
1970 8,038
1980 12,511
1990 13,527
2000 14,270
2003 14,638
2004 14.887

culture and objects of interest

war memorial.


in Ismaning gives it a Rudolf Steiner School. It was original in the Oskar Messter STR. 14a resident. In the summer 2002 it pulled into the new building in the village route 77. That Building consists main building with large hall of for up to 800 visitors. Besides to each other-arranged the central stage and upper stage buildings stand. In addition there is a complete tag support (stronghold). A work building, a gymnasium, as well as an extra house for in the school the resident Whale village kindergarten are planned. A school farm is likewise planned. Homepage

in addition gives it one six-form high school, two primary schools, four kindergartens as well as an indoor swimming pool (Erich Zeitler road 4, [1]).


of sons and daughters of the municipality

Grit Boettcher

, actress Julia Stegner, star Model

  • [work on] worked
  • August 1974, writer


  • Therese Risinger: Ismaning - history of a village. Ismaning 2004

one investigated to documentation of this beautiful in detail and comprehensivelyPlace.

in addition,

of the municipality the Ismaninger think far beyond their municipality borders. Since 1989 are supported the municipality Kitandililo in Südtanzania.


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