Israel Putnam

Israel Putnam (7. January 1718 in Salem many situation (today: Danvers), Massachusetts, the USA; † 29. May 1790 in Brooklyn, Connecticut, the USA) was an US-American general in the American war of independence.

Towards. Maj. Israel Putnam.
Israel Putnams birth house in Danvers, Massachusetts, the USA.

1740 pulled Putnam from Massachusetts to northeast after Connecticut. During the Frenchman and Indian war (1754 - 1763) he served the British crown with Rogers' Ranger. It came into shank and from the burn at the Marterpfahl was saved, by being exchanged against a French prisoner.

1762 brought the Putnam stationed before on Cuba the first cigars also into its homeland to Connecticut, where so far excluding whistle one smoked.

Later it was one few survival of the shipwreck during a military enterprise.

During the American war of independence (1775 - 1783) Putnam fought among other things in the battle of shelter Hill (1775). 1780 it suffered an impact accumulation and had its military career to terminate.

To Israel Putnam are designated about ten places and Counties in the USA. Christian Friedrich Daniel kind of thrust set 1775 in his “liberty song of a Kolonisten” a monument with the lines for it: Hectar, father Putnam directs the storm,/and divides with us danger; /Shines for us like a Pharusturm/its silver hair!. Israel Putnams gravestone is in 1879 established State Capitol in hardaway, Connecticut, the USA.


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