Italo Western

Italo Western (devaluing also Spaghetti Western or simply euro Western called) is starting from the 1960er years Sub category of the Western developed, which was developed particularly by Italian production companies and directors at European turning places.

The American Western was persifliert therein bothand develops further. Although often according to pattern and with small budget turned, these films captivate not least by the irreverence, as therein with the traditional (US-American) Western elements (in particular heroism, knightly, Altruismus) are gone around.

Into the early 1970ern production takesnoticeably off and comes soon to almost perfect succumbing. Follow only more isolated Italian Western, which are drawn by a melancholischen basic clay/tone and a certain reflexivity often (example:Keoma - melody of dying (1976)).

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contents and style

The Italo Western is often certain of markigen anti-heroes before often dirty schäbiger window blind. Sense of justice and selbstloses acting, which often distinguished the heroes the American Western up to then, yield here self-interest and greed. The hero of the Italo Western becomes mostly by revenge orstriving for money propelled. These figures are directly in the double sense a temporal Abgesang on the US-Westernhelden. Once film-internally as late inhabitants of the historical wild west and once material as Ausläuter of the entire Westernära.

Pretty often found also ratheruncommon crossings of film category their way on the canvas: for example with the horror film (Satan of the revenge), with classical play (Django - the Totengräber wait already) or crime film (1000 dollar head money).

Optically marks thatItalo Western among other things the use from extreme close to detail photographs. Close-ups intensified by faces, which reach up to the Italian attitude (in that only the eyes of a person the canvas fill), among other things also the representation of the pistol duel in the Italo Western, which forwardsall Leone in his films as inevitable Showdown produced. It is the fast cut between faces, hands and pistols, under with the typical music of the Italo Western, which is considered today as typical sequence of a Western, however was justified only here.


the film music style of Italian Western in the early films Sergio Leones were specified. Ennio Morricones music, which combined salient topics with experimental arrangements, became the brand name of the Italo Western and differed dramatically from orchestralen sound TRACKs of American Western the 1950er. Morricones sound TRACKs particularly stood out by the use from up to then in the film music of uncommon instruments and noises. E-guitar, Blockflöte, human noises such as whistles or cries, whip impacts or bells are to be called here above all.

With its The song of death and two glorious Halunken Ennio Morricone actually created sound TRACKs to the two classical authors of the Italo Westerns play me not only for the Sub category but also - apart from the topic glorious filters - for the WesternfilmTheme songs, which in quotations and Parodien are gladly endeavored on the category.

undreamt-of appreciation

after the Italo Western particularly in the USA really successfully was not taken up - one preferred Spätwestern at the time à la SAM Peckinpah - the films of Sergio Leone and Sergio Corbucci could particularly become generally accepted gradually. Leones play me the song of death and two glorious Halunken as well as Corbuccis corpses pave its way count among fans and criticsto the best Western or even best films of all times; still before US classical authors like twelve o'clock at noon or the black falcon. The reason for it is to be looked for with security in the outstanding camera work as well as the stamping seed film music, for thoseparticularly the co-operation of Sergio Leone and Ennio Morricone stands, and thus the sign for the category of the Italo Western forms.

German title falsification

figures such as Django, Ringo or Sabata become icons of the Sub category, regularly upthe canvas (as also in the title) experience a return. Few Serials sketch spreading contingents of narrations or develop an obligatory personnel. Completely on the contrary whole rows become only from German film lenders by means of falsifying synchronisation and misleading title givingin the life called, in order to up-improve by the support to particularly successful key films the balance at the cash: Here one often already develops an amazing flexibility and can a success title in the next weeks an alleged Sequel with the popular title heroattach. Most famous example is the Django - „series “, which was raised only on the German market by means of speculative titles into the status of such. Officially Sergio Corbuccis classical author with Franco Nero in the main role experienced only 1987 to date onlyContinuation.

Persiflierung by Bud Spencer and Terence Hill

like many other temporarily popular of category overtook also the Italo Western after learning the conventions a phase of the Ironisierung and shift in Komödianti. Above all the duo Bud Spencer and Terence Hill arose together in a number of burlesker Westernfilme with varying humoristic success, in which extensively „eaten “, one gefurzt and one gerauft. But this is not to emislead about the fact that both also independently quite Western seriously put on in their Filmografiento put on could. Above all Terence Hill therefore appeared as a figure reminding of the large silent anti-heroes of the Italo Westerns, whereas Bud Spencers of attempts verwitzelnden usually from one pityless „“German synchronisation with appropriate result were sabotaged. Terence Hill remains forwardseverything as the Spätwesternfigur Nobody in memory, which knew to set into their first Inkarnation - under CO direction of Sergio Leone - despite komödiantischer adjustment some melancholische accents in the category, those of mainly a Sequel humoristic put on meanwhile hardly furtherwere developed. it - like also the Italo Western - tried to attach 1991 in a material adaptation of the Comics Lucky hatch with only small success to its old roles. Bud Spencer and Terence Hill turned also a whole row at not Western together,however more frequently to some Italo Western alluded.

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