Ivan F. Boesky

the stock exchange speculator Ivan Frederick Boesky (* 6. March 1937 in Detroit) was complicated in one of the largest restaurant scandals of the 80's.

The son of a Russian emigrant and owner of bar from Detroit worked after his study as an accountant in a law office. With 29 years it changed as an arbitrage dealer to the barrier Street. Its enrich father-in-law, who had at that time to apply still the rent for it, called it up to then “Ivan of the Schnorrer “.

With 49 years Boesky had as “Corporate Raider “a fortune of 200 million dollar. At the barrier Street it had the pointed name Ivan the terrible one.

Also Boeskys slope for Verschwendung was legendary. If it went in the most expensive restaurants meals, it ordered several main foods. From everyone it cost then only bites, in order to see, what best it tasted. He ate that then, which remainder left untouched he.

The determinations against Boesky were released by the investment banker Dennis Levine, which was arrested in May 1986 by the Securities and Exchange Comission (SECONDS ) and against Boesky stated. Boesky was condemned 1986 because of forbidden Insidergeschäfte to three years prison and a fine by 100 million dollar.

For the film figure “Gordon Gekko “from the olive Stone - film barrier Street was Boesky beside Carl Icahn one of the models. Parts of the “greed actual property speech”, which had held Boesky 1985 before graduates of the University OF California, were built into the film. Quotation: “It is good if one is have greedy. I would like to even maintain that it am healthy to be have greedy. You can to be greedily and you thereby good feel. “

The magazine Newsweek commentated later: “The strangest was not only that Ivan Boesky during a degree award of marketing and management-learns such a thing say could, but also that its words with loud laughter and applause were welcomed”.

further quotations

  • “I believe immorally is perhaps the wrong word… I prefer the expression unethisch. “
  • “Greed is correct… Everyone should be a little greedy. “

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