Iver Holter

Iver Holter (* 13. December 1850 in Østre Gausdal; † 27. January 1941 in Oslo) was a Norwegian composer.

Holter studied 1869 to 1876 medicine in Kristiania and took beside it instruction in counterpoint with Johan Svendsen. Until 1879 it studied at the conservatoire in Leipzig, afterwards until 1881 in Berlin. 1882 it became as a successor of EDP pool of broadcasting corporations Grieg conductor of the Sinfonieorchesters harmonies in mountains, starting from 1886 was it a conductor the music association of Kristiania. Besides it informed music theory and worked as a music journalist.

Holter composed a symphony, a Orchestersuite to Goethe Götz of Berlichingen, idyls for orchestras, pieces of piano and songs.


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