Ivo Robić

Ivo Robić (* 29. January 1926 in Bjelovar, Croatia; † 10. March 2000 in Zagreb) was a hit singer. With 22 years it began its singer career in Croatia, after the learned music teacher clarinet , flute and also retort bass played piano , saxophone , before had learned. In its homeland a star already came he 1955 to Germany as a musician in a 5-Mann Combo. Since then communist Yugoslavia was a friendly country of the GDR, it had volume also appearances in Leipzig and east Berlin with that.

1959 were then the year of the large break-through. It took the song mornings, tomorrow, laughs to you again the luck up and obtained thereby its largest success. Also in England and the USA the title came into the relevant hit parades and well over one million was time sold. With its second success with 17 the life catches only on tröstete it many dte rodents over the first unfortunate love away.

Further hits of Ivo Robić:

  • Tomorrow (1959)
  • Muli Song (1960)
  • with 17 catches the life only to (1961)
  • a whole life long (1962)
  • red is the wine (1966)
  • I zeig' you the sunshine (1971)

Ivo Robić, which was time of its life in Croatia also over 100 taken up titles, among them also jazz and Volksliedern, a star, deceased in Zagreb at the age of 74 years.

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