Iwan Maseppa

Iwan Maseppa

Iwan Stepanowitsch Maseppa (Ukrainian ІванСтепановичМазепа/Iwan Stepanowytsch Maseppa; *ca. 1644 in Masepinzi, Oblast Kiew; † 22. September 1709 in Bender) was Hetman of the Ukrainian Kosaken since 1687. In literature and music is also thoseolder way of writing of the name “Mazeppa” common.

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the PAGE Maseppa, Théodore Géricault, around 1820

it came as a PAGE to the yard of the king Johann Kasimir from Poland to Warsaw. Insurprised with the wife of a Magnaten, he was bound for familiar handling of latter 1663 naked on the backs of his own horse and adjusted by this, to which one gave the liberty, badly. It was brought after the Ukraine, where it occurred the numbers of the Kosakenand soon the secretary and aide of the Hetmans Iwan Samoilowitsch and, when this in July 1687 of its place had been frightened, by unanimous choice of the people the Hetman one appointed.

In this position it fastened its power outward and inside and protected the bordersagainst the accumulations of the Turks and act arene. As Peter I.against the Turks, carried Maseppa drew important services to it out. Repeated it was accused of of a rebellious convicition against Russia, but Peter had unlimited confidence in Maseppa. Soon however the thought arose itself, in Maseppato make independent.

It pulled still to 1704 and 1705 in the large Nordi war against Sweden and Leszczyńskis trailer; after the peace of Altranstädt however it erbot itself the king Karl XII.to go over, to the Polish party, if Swedish protection were assured to it. Asit however its army Sweden to supply wanted, brought it hardly 7000 men together (October 1708).

Peter let Maseppas portrait at the Galgen hang up; it was exkommuniziert by the Russian orthodox church. Menschikow conquered its past residence Baturyn and made it to the earth equal. Karlmeanwhile Poltawa approached and pulled by Maseppas skill in negotiating the Saporogi Kosaken into its interest. In battle of Poltawa 1709 Maseppa at side followed that Sweden only 3000 Kosaken. The remainder of the Kosaken under Iwan Skoropadskyj fought at side of the Russian troops.

Thoselost battle with Poltawa destroyed Maseppas last hopes; it escaped with the king after Bender, where it 22. September 1709 died.


lord Byron has it to the hero one of its most beautiful poems, Faddei Bulgaria to the hero of a novel, Rudolf from God sound tothat of a drama made, Horace Vernet it by two paintings gentleman light.

The moreover the figure is Maseppas in Alexander S. Puschkins Poem “Poltawa”, in Peter I. Tschaikowskys opera “Mazeppa” as well as in the Sinfoni seal No. 6 “Mazeppa” processed by Franz Liszt (1839/1850).

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