Iwatani Toru

Toru Iwatani (* 25. January 1955 in the district Meguro in Tokyo, Japan) was into the 1980ern a video game developer and has one of the most popular Arcade plays of all times, Pac One, to create.

Iwatani followed 1977 of a computer often commodity company named Namco , with which he began his career in the video game industry. There he came on the idea for a play with the name 'puck Man' and 1979 completed he, together with the programmer Hideyuki Mokajima and three other employees of Namco, the play. It became to 10. October of the same yearly in Japan publishes, where it became a large Erfold. It drew the attention of the Arcadespiel manufacturer Bally/Midway Games on itself, which secured itself then the US rights for the play and the publication in the USA under the name ' Pac Man', in the fear that children with puck one - Arcade automats the “P” in a “F” to change could. Its success in North America and later in the whole world strengthened its place in the history of the video games.

Iwatani created a few further video games, inclusive Libble Rabble, but no of it reached the success of Pac One. It was carried with Namco and works there today still as a director/conductor of the administration of the company.


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