Józef Cyrankiewicz

Józef Cyrankiewicz (* 23. April 1911 in Tarnów, at that time Galizien (Austria Hungary), † 20. January 1989 in Warsaw) was a Polish politician.

It originated from a family, which the national democrat close. During its law studies at the Jagiellonen university Krakau he came with the socialist movement into contact and followed the Polish socialist party (PPS). From 1935 to 1939 it was in the district worker committee in Krakau actively, 1941 by the national socialists arrested, was it until 1945 passenger in the concentration camps Auschwitz and duty living, where it organized itself in the camp resistance. After end of war he was appointed the Secretary-General of the PPS and was from 1946-1947 Ministers without division. 1947 he became also a delegate in the Sejm (until 1972). In the apron of the Stalinisierung Poland Cyrankiewicz belonged to the proponents of an unconditional subjecting under the communist party. After the opponents of a union had been switched off, PPS and PPR united to the PZPR . Cyrankiewicz received the posts of the Prime Minister Polens, whom he exercised of 1947-1952 and of 1954-1970. From 1948 to 1971 it belonged besides the ZK and the Politbüro . Between 1952 and 1954 he was a vice-Prime Minister. it belonged to 1956 to the absolute proponents of striking down the rising of the people in floats. After the fall Władysław Gomułkas in December 1970 was entmachtet also Cyrankiewicz and pushed away for two years on the insignificant posts of the Council of State chairman. In the future it functioned as a chairman of the totalPolish peace committee.

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