József Bozsik

József Bozsik [ˈjoːʒɛfˈboʒik] (* 28. November 1925 in gravel plague, today quarter of Budapest, Hungary; † 31. May 1978 in Budapest) was a Hungarian football player as well as member of the Hungarian golden ones eleven.

Association career

national team career 3 coach act ions


literature [work on] with the Kispesti AC (KAC). In the legal successor association, Honvéd Budapest it played 447 league plays for Honved Budapest, 100 international matches (50-62) on the position rights of the runner, Hungarian master 1949, 50, 52, 54 and 55. Pointed name „Zsu Zsu “, as the Budapester Droschken Kutscher their horses zuriefen. Moved in behäbigem Trab, was however thereby a Ästhet of the soccer game, never hastily, always intelligently, with overview and enormous ball security. The beidbeinige, precise contactors and engine of its crew was one of six children one modestly earning factory hand. 1945 played Bozsik for the first time in the first crew of gravel plague. After the fusion with the army club Honved received also it major rank, without really exercising a military function.

It remained after smashing the rebellion to Hungary, became a parliament delegate (more a sign than a genuine politician) and led with its wife in Budapest a lady mode business. He tried only briefly as a coach with Honved and changed themselves to it to the technical advisor and club member of the board. 1974 was it for an international match of Hungarian national coaches. It wrote comments for the Budapester sport newspaper „to Kepes sport “and deceased with 52 years at a cardiac infarct.

It is considered this very day as the most well-known player of this club. From therefore it it is only logical that carries the play place of Honvéd Budapest, lain in the quarter gravel plague, in the meantime for the name József Bozsik stadium.

national team career

  • olympia winner: 1952
  • Europacupsieger: 1948, 1949, 1950, 1951, 1952, 1953
  • it was member of the golden eleven (Hungarian Aranycsapat), the 1953 in London with the century play (also „6: 3 “mentioned) the Englishmen with 6:3 dismantled and in the replay 1954 in the Budapester Népstadion with 7:1 won.
  • It reached 1954 in Berne with the Hungarian crew with the soccer world championship the 2. Place.
  • Record national player of Hungary: It played 100-mal in the national team (between 1947 and 1962). In the national team it shot 11 gates; in its last international match it was likewise successful.

coach act ions

with Honvéd Budapest he became only a department manager, then coaches of the crew, late national coach of Hungary. (The latter between 1974 and 1975).



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