Jörg Bergstedt

Jörg Bergstedt (* 1964 in Bleckede) is a disputed Ökoaktivist, book author and a Anarchist from central Hessen (rice churches /Saasen). In addition it is former member of the Federal Administration the nature protection federation - youth and frequent adviser at environmental congresses. As a Federal Administration member of the nature protection youth it ensured for unrest, as it the dissolution of the own federation and an orientation away from “federation dairy-farm” in addition horizontal, grass root - well-behaved cross-linking for environmental protection demanded. Lost this argument it and its fellow combatants, whereupon they left the nature protection youth.

Bergstedt spends most time in the project workshop in Reiskirchen/Saasen, which both when conference center and meeting place for left and environmental's groups and as political group house understands itself. Bergstedt is seen to the project workshop on the part of the media as a “leader”, what finds at least in the fact a basis that he as only activist since exist the predominant time member of the project workshop is. The project workshop Saasen is follow-on project of the old station Trais Horloff. Bergstedt is well-known as choice opponent and an opponent of the dominant economic and society system. As Anarchist it occurs for a rule-free society. It arises with it frequently together with Patrick Neuhaus, who gave itself the artist name “Espi Twelve”.

Bergstedt is considered as sharp critics of so-called NGOs, whose reformistic beginning he judges as state-basic and wrongly. In particular the large environmental federations and ATTAC are located in the center of its criticism. Also it stands however again and again in the criticism. Thus a slope is accused to him for self-manifestation. Every now and then stated that the project workshop has a sparkling wine-similar structure, with the Bergstedt as guru function.

As a co-author of the book “free humans in free agreements”, published to the world exhibition in Hanover (Expo), it was involved in one of the most important anarchist theory works of the 1990er years. It can be thus quite regarded as one the most important German contemporary Anarchisten.

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Jörg Bergstedt is considered itself as an advocate election posters changed of Kommunikationsguerilla for example in, falsified “official” letters or stickers on products manifested. Bergstedt avails itself thereby also sometimes of diagonal methodology, then he steps so-called with happenings frequently with a sticking television and antennas on the head in of him. Mars TV up, which shows probably also its komödiantischen abilities, it in addition, the comment of the “Politclowns” brings in. To the actions Bergstedts reacts the government authority sometimes in the eyes of independent spectators very hard. Thus it comes again and again to a solid police presence and also arrests over if necessary. to intersperse expressed of place references. Occasionally the tactics of the Kommunikationsguerilla is tried to use also against Bergstedt themselves, as can be reconstructed on the basis the version list of this entry. Also the political action form of the hidden theatre is brought in central Hessen with Bergstedt in connection.

Giessener of processes

attained Bergstedt last particularly on the level Giessener Provinzpossen meaning and in disputed legal proceedings in April 2005 to 8 months detention without probation was condemned. The accusation was expressed in dangerous bodily injury as well as offense and several damages. To the reproach of the bodily injury justifying action it came, as Bergstedt in the context of a spontaneous demonstration (it concerned Kommunikationsguerilla/hidden theatre here, there these before the CDU conditions probably took place directly) at the 11. January 2001 was arrested under tumult-like circumstances and according to data of participant policeman against this arrest resisted. Disputed was the procedure, because it was based on contradictory statements. The reproach of the political law stands in the area, on the other side in addition, the reproach that Bergstedt produces the procedures, in order to reach attention for its contents.

At present a renewed process before the Giessener court is prepared, with which it concerns the reproach that Bergstedt is to have committed a notice on this court. As interesting here it is regarded that the judges themselves stand in the position of the accusation, since the Bergstedt was directed charged notice against her, which could raise the question about the neutrality of the judges. For this there are however also different positions, which contain that Bergstedt provokes its procedures consciously around a message allegedly political thereby to send.

Relationship to the protection of the constitution

both within some groups of the environmental, and the left-wing extreme scene is Bergstedt disputed, since its temporary contact let it become the protection of the constitution a “Persona non grata “. However this contact documented well and Bergstedt calls it political error. In some groups this behavior does not apply for the left scene as tolerably, since it ignored thereby an allegedconsent “, that mentioned that jedweder contact is impossible. Altogether the procedure represents a rather unusual event in the political surrounding field Bergstedts. Core of the argument is the question about general handling repression organs. Schematically to it react, how it calls in the bulk traditional linking or to courses of action leaves themselves open, as it plans the concept of the creative anti-repression, which will represent from Bergstedt.

Protection of the constitution report

in the protection of the constitution report of the country Hessen from the year 2004 is Bergstedts project workshop just as mentioned as it on the basis a press conference of the Giessener police in the year 2004 criminal offences mention political-motivated because of the increase found.


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