Jörg Schönbohm

Jörg Schönbohm (* 2. September 1937 in again Golm/Mark Brandenburg) is a German politician (CDU) and general A. D.

He is Minister of the Interior and deputy Prime Minister of the country Brandenburg.

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Jörg Schönbohm regeneratedthe Second World War in the Federal Republic of Germany up. It began 1957 its military career with the German German Federal Armed Forces. After different uses as an officer it was promoted 1985 to Brigadier General. In the course of the German unit he was appointed the commander of the German Federal Armed Forces command east in Strausberg.One year before took place the transport to the lieutenant general. Its order was it to coordinate the dissolution of the 90,000 men strong national People's Army (NVA) of the earlier GDR and to integrate the remaining soldiers into the German Federal Armed Forces.


in September 1991became Schönbohm for five months an inspector of the army. Still under the Secretary of Defense Gerhard proud mountain it was appointed 1992 as the verbeamteten undersecretary of state in the Federal Ministry of the defense. Was from 1996 to 1998 it under the governing mayor Eberhard Diepgen Senator of the Interiors of Berlin. At the beginning of of 1999 became Schönbohm of regional chairmen of the CDU Brandenburg. With the election of the federal parliament in the same year its party of 18,7% to 26,5% of the voices could increase, while the SPD lost the absolute majority.

SPD and CDU agreed thereupon the education of a large coalition under guidanceby Prime Minister Manfred Stolpe (SPD). CDU and SPD placed 13 since that. October together the federal state government. Schönbohm occurred as Minister of the Interior and a deputy Prime Minister of the country Brandenburg the cabinet.

Since that 10. April 2000 is Schönbohm also member of the presidency of the CDU Germany.

After the resignation Stolpes as an Prime Minister and the choice from Matthias place-hit a corner to its successor in June 2002 remained to Schönbohm in his office.

With the elections of the federal parliament in September 2004 the CDU on 19,4% of the voices sagged and became after SPD (31.9%) andParty of Democratic Socialism (28.0%) only third-strongest Kraft, which became coalition however renewed. Schönbohm was appointed again the Minister of the Interior and deputy Prime Minister of the country Brandenburg.


Jörg Schönbohm is Evangelist, married, has three children and lives in Kleinmachnow in the district potsdam central Mark.

political expressions

people picture of the CDU

Schönbohm said to 9. September 2004 to the newspaper Rheini Merkur: „The Union parties have another people picture than the SPD… “- whereupon the newspaper inquired: „… please as looks? “- Schönbohm: „ThatCitizen is not free of the state a dependent nature, but. The Social Democrats go another way. They speak much of community, less of sole responsibility. Solidarity is today often misunderstood. It can apply only for those, which cannot help themselves. From the equality, also that becomestoday often forgotten, unfreeness results. A policy, which aligns everything to equality, must in errs to lead. It concerns not equal chances, but alone around chance justice, thus around the fact that all have the same conditions to look for their luck. Thus it wanted also Ludwig Erhardand in such a way it saw the union also at first. “


Schönbohm established the political key word „guidance culture “. It, as also the CDU Bundestag faction chairman at that time Friedrich Merz demanded, immigrants would have „the German guidance culture “to respect. They would have to carry their own integration contribution out, by themto the cultural basic ideas grown in Germany approximated and in particular the German language learned. Its “no” in the turbulent tuning to the Zuwanderungsgesetz in the long run coming off this law in the original version prevented.

sharp attacks against the non--indexing of „killer plays so mentioned “

To 9. November 2004 said Schönbohm on a speech by the message format Frontal21 (Second Channel of German Television) about the so-called „killer playDoom 3: „That now by the independent self-check films and such plays are indicated and thereby are not forbidden, are not not acceptable. Which the more with difficultyit is if one considers oneself that the predecessor plays were already not forbidden by a similar brutality and cruelty by the federal inspection station and now. Here intervened, here must something must be changed. “

criminality and racingism in the new Lands of the Federal Republic

in its disputed remark,in August 2005, in connection with the case of a nut/mother, that probably killed nine of its newborn children (Neonatizid), has it as a cause „for the increase of safe-keeping draw and ready for violence shank “ in Brandenburg „the Proletarisierung forced by the SED regime “made responsible. After criticism alsofrom its own party it that it did not want to insult the East German, stressed and apologized, remained however with its statements. Later Schönbohm related its statements: They are misleading „“. It does not concern „to make humans in the east responsible “. It leaned demands for resignationoff. (See news of the day on-line one and time.)

in connection with the attempted murder at a German äthiopischer descent in Brandenburg in April 2006 Schönbohm criticized the work of the Chief Federal Prosecutor Kay Nehm. This has „from the thing a Politikum made “and to one „Stigmatisierung Brandenburg contributed “. ThoseReferring of the Federal Prosecutor's Office to a possible right-wing extremist background of the act are doubtful (so to „the Frankfurt general Sunday newspaper “).

In the population breaking castle are the attitudes, attitudes and the behavior of Schönbohm as Ministers of the Interior of the country of Brandenburg, as it deals with criminal offences of neo-Nazis and their supporter,strongly disputed. The situation in the country Brandenburg is for a long time like that that it gives cities and municipalities, in which German citizens of foreign origin, German citizens like foreigners look, foreigners or German citizens with the Basic Law agrees attitudes to recognize gives, is strongly endangeredand without guard these regions to visit should not. The organized Neo Naozis leads computer lists, in which breaking citizens citizens with liberal attitudes are noted.


  • two armies and a native country. The end of the national People's Army. 1992, ISBN 3886804526

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