Jörg Widmann

Jörg Widmann

Jörg Widmann (* 19. June 1973 in Munich) is a German composer and Klarinettist. It lives and works in Munich and Freiburg.

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starting from 1980 received Widmann clarinet instruction, one year after then also to composition instruction with Kay Westermann, later with Hans's Werner Henze, Wilfried Hiller, Heiner Goebbels and Wolfgang Rihm. It completed its clarinet study at the university for music in Munich and to the Juillard School OF music in New York. it made the master class diploma in Munich for 1997 and continued to study at the college of music in Karlsruhe. Since 2001 is Jörg Widmann professor for clarinet at the university for music Freiburg.

prices (selection)

  • 1996 culture promotion price of the state capital Munich
  • 1997 Bavarian state price for young artists
  • 2002 cutter bulkhead price and Paul Hindemith price
  • 2003 promotion price Ernst von Siemens donation and Ehrenpreis of the residents of Munich of opera festivals
  • 2004 Arnold Schönberg price


the music Widmanns is always from the sound designed. Therefore its works remain rhythmically often rather vague, a varying time river resembling. Its extreme Klangreichtum, which often penetrates into the edges of the audible one and gladly with the characteristic overtones of different instruments and operates play ways, is noticeable against it immediately, likewise the frequent reference to the romance in most diverse forms (with direct quotations, with allusions in the titles, with a certain basic attitude). The scores offer also multiplicity of verbal instructions for the interpreter, in newer works - about skeleton - come it in addition also to (partial) the detachment of the written adjustment: The music is compiled together with the interpreter of the premiere (Stefan Bluem).

works (selection)

  • of five fragments for clarinet and piano (1997)
  • piece of night for piano, clarinet and Violoncello (1998)
  • fever fantasy for piano, caper quartet and clarinet (1999)
  • implosion for orchestras (2001)
  • light study I for orchestra (2001)
  • free pieces for ensemble (2002)
  • resounding study for piano (2003)
  • the face in the mirror opera (2003)
  • skeleton for Schlagzeug (2004)
  • IV. Caper quartet (2005)
  • attempt over the joint (V. Caper quartet with Sopran) (2005)
  • fair for large orchestra (2005)
  • hero of the western world. Opera (2006)

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