Jürgen Feindt

Jürgen Feindt, (* 14. January 1935 in half; † 9. September 1978) was a German dancer and actor.

Feindt applied in the 1960er and 1970er year as TV-Ulknudel and Slapstick - star, that participated in the majority of the films in which he,even with larger roles, hardly the more spoke than three words. So for example in the television play the art of the Klamotte in which it its role completely mutely played. It had the same play portion as the professor in the role of the professor assistant.

The origins of itsWere appropriate for career in the dance and ballet. it studied 1956 in Berlin dance and Akrobatik. It was ensemble member of the group of tours of citizens of Berlin ballet. 1961 he was a solo dancer at the citizens of Berlin German opera.

Admits became it however in the course of the years by its goodfifty television plays and more than twenty films for the cinema. That it did not accept also roles in Sexfilmen like the school girl report, in which it played some extremely slippery scenes did its career - against some other star of that time an abort.

Feindt died 1978an aircraft accident with a single-engine Sportmaschine.

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