Jürgen Möllemann

Jürgen William Möllemann (* 15. July 1945 in Augsburg; † 5. June 2003 in Marl Loemühle) was a German politician (FDP).

Jürgen Möllemann on the state convention of the FDP in Hagen, 13. April 2002
Jürgen Möllemannwith an election campaign appearance

he was from 1987 to 1991 Federal Ministers for education and science, from 1991 to 1993 Federal Ministers for economics and from 1992 to 1993 an also German vice-chancellor.

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training and occupation

Jürgen Möllemann grew at the left lower Niederrhein in Appeldorn, today a local partof Kalkar, up. After the Abitur 1965 at the Amplonius High School in Rhine mountain Möllemann carried its military service out first to 1966 with the paratroopers off. Afterwards it completed a study the fan German, history and sport at the educational university in Münster, which it terminated 1969 with first and 1971 with the second state examination for the teaching profession at reason and hauptschule. Since 1993 Möllemann owner of the consulting firm WEB/TEC was - economics and export consultation.


Möllemann was insecond marriage married with Carola Möllemann Appelhoff and had three children: Anja Möllemann out first as well as two daughters from second marriage.

a party

from 1962 to 1969 it was member of the CDU.

From 1970 to its withdrawalto 17. March 2003 it was member of the FDP. From 1975 to 1982 belonged Möllemann the regional-level party council of the North-Rhine/Westphalian FDP on, from 1982 to 1983 finally was first deputy chairmen and from 1983 to 1994 as well as from April 1996 until Octobers of 2002 regional chairmen of the FDP North Rhine-Westphalia. Möllemann had to already withdraw 1994 as a regional chairman, there it with the FDP Federal leader and minister of foreign affairs at that time Klaus Kinkel überworfen itself had and in its criticism both in its own regional organization and in thatFederal Party no sufficient support found.

From 1981 to 1997 as well as from May 1999 until March 2002 he was member in the FDP presidency. From May 2001 until September 2002 was it deputy Federal leaders. With the election of the federal parliament 2000 in North Rhine-Westphalia succeeded to the FDPunder its guidance after five years absence with a result of 9,8% of the voices the reintroduction into the federal state parliament.


from 1972 to 2000 as well as starting from October 2002 he was member of the German federal daily. InFebruary 2003 he withdrew from the FDP Bundestag faction . Jürgen Möllemann was last (15. Electoral period 2002) over the national list North Rhine-Westphalia into the German Bundestag drawn in. Since 2000 were it in addition member of the federal state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia. Here it was until Octobers2002 chairmen of the FDP federal state parliament parliamentary group. In March 2003 it separated also here from the FDP parliamentary group.

public offices

after the change of government in October 1982 he was appointed the Minister of State in the Foreign Office led by Hans Dietrich Genscher. After that Election to the Bundestag 1987 it became then to 12. March 1987 as Federal Ministers for education and science into the Federal Government led of Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl appoint.

After the election to the Bundestag 1990 he took over to 18. January 1991 the line of the Federal Ministry for economics. After the resignation from Hans Dietrich Genscher it became then additional to 18. May 1992 appointed the deputy of the Federal Chancellor. After the letter elbow affair in such a way specified it separated from both offices to 21. January 1993 out.

social offices

From 1981 to 1991 as well as since 1993 Möllemann was a president of the GermanArab society. Since 1998 it was member in the supervisory board of the soccer association fiber plastic Schalke 04. Besides it was also a president of the parachute club Münster.


thoseCareer of the politician Jürgen Möllemann was characterized of extreme heights and depths. Apart from numerous successes and acknowledgments, z. B. as a Federal Minister for education and science, there were some political scandals. From the office of the Federal Minister for economics it had to withdraw, thereit had used its official writing paper, in order to recruit in a letter for the business idea of its brother-in-law. The scandal became as letter elbow affair admits.

Möllemann hardly understood it like another politician to position topics to polarize the media for itselfto use and inspire humans - to push off in addition.1994 withdrew the complete North-Rhine/Westphalia regional-level party council of the FDP, in order to force also the chairman Möllemann to the resignation. But already two years later it was again in the office and ledthe national party in the election campaign 2000 to an unusual success. Möllemann was father project 18, for which he was celebrated soon also in the Federal Party and which led in the long run to the withdrawal away of the old liberals Hildegard Hamm Brücher outstanding over party borders.

Medium reports brought Möllemanns to company WebTec with weapon businesses in the Arab area in connection. At the beginning of of April 2004 reported the South German newspaper that according to an internal memorandum of the LKA North Rhine-Westphalia the enterprise had predominantly made business with mail box firms in Liechtenstein and Monaco.

InCourse of the escalation Israel - Palestine - of the conflict it practiced sharp criticism at the martial procedure of the Israelis in the year 2002 and even expressed a certain understanding for the suicide assassination attempts of the Palestinians. Jamal Karsli (at that time still with the Greens) had ofone „spoken and one according to his opinion discussion-preventing „zionistische lobby “in favor of this war politics criticizes war of extermination “of the Ariel Scharon against the Palestinians. When Karsli on operation Möllemanns was taken up to the FDP parliamentary group North-Rhine/Westphalia, there was against it strong resistance above all thatJewish community and some prominent FDP members such as Hildegard Hamm Brücher.

Möllemann attacked Michel Friedman, the vice-president at that time of the Central Council of the Jews in Germany, in a Second Channel of German Television interview during the rejection of these attacks in particular: „I am afraid that hardly someone thatAntisemiten, which unfortunately gives it in Germany and which we must fight, more inlet provided than Mr. Scharon and in Germany a Mr. Friedman with its intolerant and gehässigen kind, practice-substantially. That cannot be done in such a way, one must into GermanyCriticism at the policy Scharons to practice may do, without into this corner to be pushed.

Many media saw a warming of anti-Semitic plates up in this characterisation Friedmans. Politicians of other parties used this in the election campaign and accused Möllemann Antisemitismus. Möllemann andmany FDP members rejected this reproach. Briefly before the lining up election to the Bundestag 2002 the conflict culminated in a disputed handbill, which Möllemann let distribute to all households in North Rhine-Westphalia; therein Ariel Scharon and Michel Friedman were attacked, which to oneRefusal of this action over the party borders away as well as to a Antisemitismus debate led. The satire magazine Titanic persiflierte thereupon Möllemanns statements and the fun election campaign of Guido Westerwelle, by it following its Guidomobil with one „Möllemobil “in that ice NAK ago pedestrian precinctmoved forward and posters with anti-Semitic slogans („Jew-freely and fun thereby “) set up. After the election result disappointing country widely for the FDP the embittered discussions between the opponents and the proponents Möllemanns threatened to split the party. With exception of some regional organizations dissociated itselfthe FDP of the handbill and strove to put out that it concerns with the handbill no official advertising material of the party.

When admits details of the doubtful and probably illegal financing of the handbill became, the conflict took another direction:Möllemann lost ever more support in the FDP and finally even threatened a party expulsion procedure. After the broken warranty to give its 2002 up won Bundestag mandate again it forestalled the exclusion decided by the party executive committee and stepped thereupon in March 2003 outthe FDP out.

death circumstances

Möllemann a passionate parachutist was and its jumps also frequently for election campaign appearances in scene had set. To 5. June 2003 he came into Marl Loemühle under not completely clarified circumstances during a parachute jump aroundLife. To 9. July of the yearly submitted final report of the examining public prosecutor's office meal excluded foreign being to blame for as cause of death, it could however not finally be clarified whether it had concerned around an accident or Suizid. It was stated that Möllemannafter short travel at the opened main parachute had thrown these off, had however not released the reserve system. A carried electronic safety system, which could have released the reserve parachute automatically, was switched off. Generally therefore from Suizid one proceeds.

Less than one hour before the deadlyJump had waived the German Bundestag Möllemanns immunity. Thereupon investigators of the police and the public prosecutor's office scanned real estate properties and business premises in different countries in the context of determinations against it because of the suspicion of the tax evasion as well as offence against the party law.

In December2004 were opened an insolvency procedure over its deduction.

Jürgen Möllemann was bestattet on the central cemetery in Münster (Westphalia ).

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