Jürgen Schweinebraden

Jürgen roll ago gentleman Mr. Schweinebraden baron von Wichmann-Eichhorn (* 15. March 1938 in Dresden) is a Galerist and a journalist.

Schweinebraden, which had studied psychology and industrial sociology after its teachings as a car mechanic, took up first training activities to east Berlin .

it created 1974 in the Ostberliner Dunckerstrasse the living and organized alternative gallery EP gallery Jürgen Schweinebraden and to 1980 70 exhibitions, among other things A. R. Penck, and 50 concerts. It announced East German the public with products of the western art such as May kind, concept art, performance and video . 1979 it was occupied with several order punishments. 1980 followed a criminal procedure because of production of illegal printed products, in the November of the same yearly moved it into the Federal Republic .

The alternative gallery created by it became the model for similar models in several large cities the GDR and was the foundation-stone for the development of an alternative art scene in the GDR as counterpart to from the SED publicised party art.

Since that time it was active with the national gallery in Berlin as well as documenta the 8 in Kassel. Schweinebraden was of 1989 - 1992 director Hamburg art association. It lives as freelance Ausstellungsmacher, journalist and publishers in Niedenstein (Hessen).

important publications:

  • 1. The presence of the past, 2 volumes with 23 authors, 500 sides, many s/w illustrations. Volume 1: View back in the anger? /Volume 2: Fog on the horizon. In volume 1: Case example with facsimiles of documents of the Ministry for public security of the GDR to the observation object “oak” (EP gallery & edition, Dunckerstrasse 17, O-Berlin). In the volume 2: among other things Memories Dresden Berlin with emphasis A.R.Penck.
  • 2. African diary. Observations in Sierra Leone before the civil war.
  • 3. Different catalogs among other things. Franz Erhard roll ago (picture and base at the same time. Time rests/Terra Murata), the Sisyphos syndrome, landscape. Reflex east west
  • 4. Small catalog row (40 S. 40 fig., format A6. Artist: A.R.Penck, Peter Niemann, Kaspar Toggenburger, roll ago white one, Franz Erhard roll ago, Pidder Auberger, Klaus Staeck, Fritz Schwegler)
  • 5. Sierien of contemporary art in the postcard format, edition 1 to 11: A.R.Penck, Arnuld Rainer, by Kirkeby, Christo, max Neumann, Felix Droese, Jürgen Klauke, Dieter Appelt, Dietmar Kirves (photographies), Armando


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