Jürgen of Manger

Jürgen of Manger (* 6. March 1923 in Koblenz; † 15. March 1994 in Herne; as stage figure: Adolf Tegtmeier) was a German actor, a literary Kabarettist and a Komiker.

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of Manger began its career as an actor in Hagen right after the Second World War. Afterwards it was active seventeen years in the amusing character subject at stages in Bochum and gel churches. Besides it studied from 1954 to1958 on the right of and political sciences in Cologne and Münster and completed besides a play and singing training. Its appearances with kabarettistischen solo programs, mainly around the figure of the Ruhrpott - small citizen Adolf Tegtmeier, which it had originally developed for sound broadcasting, later in addition, on partially. very successful Speech plates (“bar hoar frost stories”) and in numerous television programs embodied, began from Manger in the 60's to deepen, after its first radio ending Silvester became 1961 with the NDR in Ruhrpott dialect an unexpectedly large success.

From Manger the language of the Essener of citizen in the amusing oversubscribed in its presentations:“If I you me in such a way look at, can I present, dat themselves the Fantasie of so some gentleman completely beautifully to cook catches! ”

Furthermore was to be heard Jürgen of Manger also as speakers in four radio play productions of the WDR, whereby its representation of the Gollum from J.R.R. TolkiensRemained unforgotten the small main header bits “until today. The radio plays are in detail:

  • Paul Temple and the case Lawrence (1958) (direction: Eduard Hermann)
  • the block of flats (1961) (direction: Friedhelm local man)
  • Robbi, Tobbi and the Fliewatüüt (1968) (direction: Heinz Dieter charcoal burner)
  • the small main header bits (1980) (direction:Heinz Dieter charcoal burner)

beside it has Jürgen of Manger in the middle of the seventies two records besungen:

1. Title: Bottroper beer, after the melody by Udo Jürgens “Greek wine”; with the Refrain: Bottroper beer, is as the juice füürt lives here in the district, tuuse sometimes yarnlift, and to such a Tach creep I at home usually still noise, datt I nich laugh

2. Title: Dat bissken Berchbau; Godfather stood with this song of the Song of Johanna of Koczian (“little household”)

after an impact accumulation 1985, of also its language centerwas concerned, could Jürgen of Manger the occupation of play any longer exercise.

It a star is in mills OF Fame of the Kabaretts dedicated.

  • thus ährlich…” “
  • I a report would like to make quotations, here for the court, thus as said I would like it the courtcommunicate that me this Untat wrong does and that I will try by a beautiful life the mother-in-law again degree-iron dat dat beautifully everything again to fold come "
  • “I want to you to say, Watts of Goethe fist is - you: the abyss German education. “
  • “Thus,the conclusion… I would like to refer to it that this Untat does much, much wrong to me… and that I will try, by a more beautiful life through my hands work… the human society again… to penetrate. And at all - I close the excuses of mineDefender on! “(out: The mother-in-law murderer)
  • “there SE must remain nevertheless mA humans.”
  • “Ne, go to me nevertheless away…”

speech plates (selection)

  • bar hoar frost stories
  • bar hoar frost stories. New consequence
  • bar hoar frost stories. Newest consequence
  • Jürgen of Manger
  • Spain inclusive
  • humans remain…!
  • My carrot, your carrot
  • cowboy with spinach
  • Tegtmeier, pleasantly!
  • The arranging celebration (advertising plate)
  • the worm in the soul (advertising plate)
  • the Hausapotheke (advertising plate)
  • which the stars in such a way prophesy (advertising plate)
  • to Jürgen of Manger as a newspaper reader Adolf Tegtmeier (advertising plate)
  • Jürgen of Manger as Entwicklungsmuffel (advertising plate)
  • the weak hour/for divorce unsuitable (advertising single of Thyssengas)
  • accumulation of assets/The small shareholder (advertising single of the municipal savings bank Dortmund)

clay/tone carrier (available)

  • your loving… (CD)
  • Only, its old Heinis (CD) watches out
  • Tegtmeier (CD)
  • Dat is perhaps hiring (CD)
  • marvelous (4 CD)
  • bar hoar frost stories (CD)
  • J. R. R. Tolkien - the main header bits (4 CD)

television broadcasts

  • Tegtmeiers journeys
  • Tegtmeier clarify on

see also: Helge cutter, Uwe Lyko (“harsh ore toggle”)

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