J. G. Thirlwell

James George Thirlwell (* 29. January 1960 in Melbourne, Australia), also admits Steroid Maximus, Clint ruin, Wiseblood and Manorexia and under the name Foetus ( and further variations of this name ) . A., is a singer, a composer and a producer from the category of the Industrial - music.

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Thirlwell was born in Australia and studied there briefly art in Melbourne, before it resettled 1978 to London , Great Britain. Here it began to along-pass on in different volume; decided however to arise in the future without volume which could limit its „musical vision “. Thus 1981 first of its numerous solo projects under the name Foetus and it developed appeared the first single OKFM on its own label Self Immolation. In the next two years appeared altogether three LPs, two further Singles and a EP. Because of financial difficulties the last LP of this series appeared not on its own disk label, but with Some Bizarre record.

it resettled 1984 to New York , where it lives also today still between its many tours. Admits became it in this time by solo publications, as well as Kollaborationen, v. A. with Lydia Lunch, Mark of Almond and Roli Mosimann (under the name Wiseblood). Also it made a name by Remixe for volume such as The Cult, talks themselves for Hot Chili Peppers, Pantera, The The, Nine inch of Nails, Coil and front 242. With its 1995er album Gash succeeded to it a publication on a major label.

In more recent time it worked additionally than composer, and. A. for the Kronos quartet and for an indication trick series, works for film productions and MTV, worked as DJ (DJ Otefsu), provided audio installations for museums and participated 2004 in Munich in an opera (the Kastanienball).


the music, which produces Thirlwell under its many aliases, contains elements from contemporary classical music, Punk skirt, bends to volume - sound and electronic sounds. Its music cannot be called clearly skirt music, despite numerous similarities in the Songstruktur. It prefers it not categorizing its music which with its combination of many influences seems also almost impossible. The texts of its productions are concerned with topics such as destruction, fear, abuse, failure, Inzest, and Masochismus; often with a Unterton of cynicism and black humor mixes, which itself z. B. also into the name of its projects reflects (Scraping Foetus off The Wheel, You've Got Foetus on Your Breath, The Foetus universe Nude Review or Foetus Interruptus).


productions and Kollaborationen under a multiplicity of names publishes project name Thirlwell. In addition different combinations with the term Foetus , in addition, other names belong:

  • You've Got Foetus on Your Breath
  • Scraping Foetus off The Wheel
  • The Foetus universe Nude Review
  • Foetus Interruptus
  • Foetus Corruptus
  • Foetus Inc.
  • Foetus kind Terrorism
  • Wiseblood (with Roli Mosimann)
  • Clint ruin
  • The Flesh Volcano (with Marks of Almond)
  • garage of monster
  • Steroid Maximus
  • Foetus in Excelsis Corruptus Deluxe
  • Foetus
  • Manorexia
  • baby Zizanie
  • DJ Otefsu

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