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John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (* 3. January 1892 in Bloemfontein, today South Africa; † 2. September 1973 in Bournemouth, England) was an English writer and Philologe. With in the fantastischen myth world Central earth playing novel the master of the rings (The lord OF the of ring, 1954/55, on German appeared 1969/70) he became one the founder of the modern Fantasy - literature.
J. R. R. Tolkien 1916

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J. R. R. Tolkien is born in the year 1892 as a son of English parents, the bank manager Arthur Tolkien and his Mrs. Mabel Suffield, in Bloemfontein in the Oranje Free State ( today South Africa), where itself its father for vocational reasonsstopped. Its family on the paternal side has Saxonian roots (the name Tolkien leads itself from the German word daringly off), lived however already since several generations in England. Most ancestors Tolkiens were craftsmen.


its early childhood runs up to one Bird spider bite, which can be considered as possible trips to the repeated occurrence of poisonous giant spiders in its works, to a large extent eventless.

1895 he comes with his nut/mother, that do not stand the African climate well, and its 1894 born brother Hilary tooone vacation after Birmingham (England). There its nut/mother reaches the message of the death of her man in the following year due to heavy internal bleedings. The family pulls thereupon to the rent after Sarehole Mill, a suburb of Birmingham, toohad remained still to a large extent exempted from the industrialization for this time. Tolkien in this rural idyl, which will become later the literary collecting main for the Auenland, part of its selbsterschaffenen mythologischen world, spends the following four years of its childhood. Here it becomesalso first with the dialect word Gamgee for cotton trusts, which later to the name one of the main header bits - Protagonisten in his Hauptwerk lord OF the of ring will become.

Its nut/mother, those in the year 1900 against the will of its parents and parents-in-law to Catholicism converted, educates it meanwhile in its faith. This world-descriptive basic coinage should draw itself by Tolkiens entire life and have also extensive effects on its work.

Since it appears early interested in languages, its nut/mother brings it fundamentalslatin, French and German . By it it becomes also with stories of Lewis Carrolls Alice in the miracle country, the Artus - legend and the fairy tale books by Andrew long trust made, in which it for the first timeof the nordischen legends around Sigurd and the kites Fafnir hears.

Between 1900 and 1902 Tolkien with its nut/mother moves several times within Birmingham, first into the quarter Moseley, then after King's Heath, where he by the unusual namesthe coal railroad cars driving past behind the house for the first time on the Walisisch affecting aesthetically it discovers, finally after Edgbaston.

Since all these places are urban coined/shaped, its from the land life coined/shaped child days are finally past. In addition an odyssey comes throughdifferent schools: First on the King Edward's School accepted, he changes 1902 to the pc. Philips Grammar School, in order to then return 1903 with a scholarship the King Edward's School. There he learns latin apart from the classical languages andGreek by an engaged teacher also know the central English.

To 14. November 1904, Tolkien is twelve years old, dies its nut/mother for it completely surprisingly after a six-day diabetischen coma. This early death causes two different kinds for Tolkien: On the one handa strong emotional connection to the catholic church and on the other hand a pessimistic basic attitude, which can illuminate conception that this world is pleased a irrevocablly, in which each victory only temporarily the darkness.


the two brothers come into thoseObhut of Pater Francis Morgan, one with their nut/mother got used to priest, who accommodates them first with its aunt Beatrice Bartlett, later with a friendly Pensionswirtin. There Tolkien 1908 becomes acquainted with his later Mrs. Edith Bratt, into which he itself soonfallen in love. The secret affair flies however soon up and Tolkien by its guardian is forced to also do without each seeing again with Edith up to the time of its majority twenty-in years (one period of more than three years). Probably only by ittransforms the juvenile romance between the two into a tragic dear history, which processed Tolkien euphemistically later in its legend of Beren and Lúthien literarily.

At school Tolkien does not only become meanwhile by its school rector on the philology, the science of the regularities of the language, attentively, but is brought by a friendly teacher also with the old English in contact. At this time it reads for the first time a heart of the old-English literature, the poem Beowulf, andis immediately inspired. In the central English it makes itself familiar with the seals Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and Pearl. Over all three works it will submit later important academic work. Finally it turns also Altnordi,in order history around Sigurd and the kite Fafnir, which had fascinated it in such a way as a child to be able to read in the original.

Spurred by the again acquired philological knowledge, Tolkien begins soon to invent own languages however on itsat this time to already well are based trained knowledge around linguistic design philosophies. Early attempts is based it on the Spanish, but when it becomes attentive to the gothical by a schoolmate, it does not only begin with it, those in this dead languageautomatically to fill up, but also the gothical tries to lead back contained gaps to a hypothetical original language.

This close occupation with languages shows up soon also at school, where Tolkien its listeners during (at that time usually) debates held in latin soon with flowingLectures in Greek, gothical ones or old English surprises.

In the summer of the yearly 1911 Tolkien with some friends, under it Christopher Wiseman, forms Robert Quilter Gilson and Geoffrey of brooks Smith, the T.C.B.S. (Tea club - Barrovian Society), an informal community of friends, thosefirst in the school library, later then in Barrow's net curtains regularly meets, in order to discuss literature with one another. At this time and possibly by the T.C.B.S. inspired, Tolkien begins seriously to write poems in those for the first time in the Waldland dancingArise to Feenwesen (fairies). A possible impact in addition could have come from the catholic poet of mystischer poems , Francis Thompson, with whose dichterischem work Tolkien argued at this time as can be prove.

After a missed attempt in the year 1909he succeeds in December 1910, a scholarship of the Exeter college in Oxford too ergattern. Mit dem Wissen, dass seine unmittelbare Zukunft damit gesichert ist, geht Tolkien in den Rest seiner Schulzeit, in der er unter anderem durch das finnische National pos Kalevala on the Finnish becomes attentive, on which it develops its art language Quenya later. Despite its later dislike against the theatre Tolkien participates readily in the role Hermes in a performance of Aristophanes 'play of the peaceand turns also in December 1911 again for a performance of R. B. Sheridans The Rivals by members of the T.C.B.S., in which it the role of the Mrs. Malaprop takes over, to its old school back.

In the time between trainingand beginning of study in Oxford spends Tolkien as well as its brother and further friends one moving vacation in Switzerland. A postcard with the name the mountain spirit, on which under a Kiefer on rock sitting old man is represented(the picture originates from the mystisch esoterisch oriented German painter Josef Madlener from Memmingen), of the Zauberers Gandalf in its selbsterschaffenen world becomes central earth according to its later data the inspiration for the figure.

Study time

in October 1911 begins Tolkien itsStudy at the Exeter college in Oxford, first in Classics, the study of the classical languages latin and Greek and their literature, bores itself however already soon. Only the” comparative linguistics “can be interest on itself pull, its professor inthis subject refers it to Walisi , which itself Tolkien thereupon enthusiastically turns.

After its two-week summer vacation 1912, which he spends with King Edward's Horse, a Kavallerieregiment, mainly in the horse saddle (which little light on the occurrence of the rider cultureof Rohan in the master of the rings to throw), returns he could to Oxford. Here it begins soon to argue with the Finnish one. This influence shows up also in the fact that it gives its project up of one on gothical developed art language anditself instead at its new favourite language orients. The result should find years later than Quenya, high-level language of the Elben, entrance into its mythologische world central earth.

Christmas 1912 spends Tolkien with relatives, where it after a common English Weihnachtsbrauch as a directorand leading actor a self-written play for performance brings - a fact remarkable in consideration on its later dislike against the drama.

At the 3. January 1913, to which days of its majority, he writes the first time his youth love Edith, must dobut it experiences that she got engaged in the meantime with the brother of a Schulfreundin. Not bent to give its large love up Tolkien looks for it thereupon personally at their new residence up, where he succeeds, they umzustimmen. One year later,after the admission Edith into the catholic church, the official engagement takes place, after further two years, to 22. January 1916, the wedding.

Meanwhile also its academic way does not run straight-lined. By its neglect of actual subjects in favor of itsnumerous language interests locks it an intermediate test after two years study for him disappointing only with a” Second “(comparably the German note” property “). On suggestion of its college, where its interest in Germanic languages had been noticeable, it changes thereupon to thatInstitut for English language and literature. There it reads the work Crist of the anglo-saxon poet Cynewulf (early 8 in the context of the fastidious old-English literature canon. Century), a collection of religious seal. Two lines of this poem should affect it lastingly:

Eala Earendelengla ofer
avoiding hiring pool of broadcasting corporations monnum sended welfare
you beorhtast Earendel, most radiating angel,
over central earth humans sent

with” avoiding hiring pool of broadcasting corporations “or” central earth “is here meant the world of humans. Traditionally as” ray of light “translated, Tolkien believes that the name” Earendel “upthe morning star, which refers Venus, which announces the end of the night and the incipient crack of the daily with its coming up. It described later the effect of these lines on itself in such a way:

I felt A curious thrill, as if something had bull-talkin ME, helped wakened from sleep. There which something very remote and strand and beautiful behind those words, [...] far beyond ancient English.
I felt accelerated in strange way, as if in me something had moved, half outthe sleep arouses. There somewhat tremendously far, wondrous and beautiful behind these words was, [...] far beyond the archaischen English.

This time can be set carefully as birth of its mythology, because one year later it already writes the poem TheVoyage OF Earendel the Evening star, which begins with the lines quoted above and whom germ of its central earth mythology educates.

Its further study time runs meanwhile to a large extent eventless - of repeated meetings with its friends of T.C.B.S. foreseen, it inits dichterischen efforts support. An anecdote from this time throws a characteristic light on also later still the function characteristic of Tolkien: On the question of its friend G. B. Smith after the background of its Earendel poem answers Tolkien: ” I don't know.I'll out try tons find. “-” I do not know it. I will try it to find out. “This view of the letter not as new creation, but as discovery journey remains intending for it its life long. In the year after outbreak of the First World War,in the second June week 1915, he closes its study off this time with honor (” roofridge Class Honours “).


it becomes as an officer for Signalwesen into the 11. Battalion of the regiment of the” Lancashire Fusiliers “appoint and take starting from summer 1916 by active field service at the battle to the Somme part, the bloodiest battle of the First World War.

The direct experience of cruelties of the position warfare meets it low and leaves the break-down of the bad one into a friedvolle world to a basic topicits life and its literature become. To 27. October 1916 it shows however the symptoms by lice transferred and into the contactor ditch of the grassierenden typhus fever and becomes to 8. November for treatment to England ships.

During its recovery vacation, first in Birmingham and then in Great Haywood, he receives his T from death. - C. - B. - S. - comrade G. B. Smith, after it had had to experience the loss of its schoolmate Rob Gilson still in France. The last letter of Smith closes with the moving lines: ” MayGod bless you, my dear John Ronald, and May you say the things I have tried tons say long after I to emergency there ton say them, if visits my plumb bob. “-” God you may segnen, my dear JohnRonald, and you may say the things, which I tried to say, for a long time after I will be no longer there, in order her to say, should this my fate be. “For Tolkien they become the legacy.

It begins alsoa project, which stands there in literature history without large models, the Erschaffung of a complete and with nothing less than the creation of the world legend cycle beginning. With the minute of The Book OF draws valley, that in this form onlypostum by its son Christopher will be published, exists for the first time larger parts of its late mythology prepared in The Silmarillion.

Here it uses also for the first time consistently its invented languages, in particular Quenya, that be based on the Finnish one and being airs, thatto Walisi decreases/goes back. It uses both now as language of the Elben in central earth .

Meanwhile its state of health varies, and the danger to the front to be sent back constantly floats over it. Temporarily transferred after Yorkshire, he gets sick soon againand into the sanatorium Harrogate is shifted. Wieder genesen zu einer Signalschule im Nordosten geschickt, erkrankt er nach Abschluss erneut und kommt diesmal in das Offizierskrankenhaus nach Kingston upon Hull.

During this time, to 16. November 1917, bearsEdith their first common son, who is baptized in honours by Pater Francis on the name John Francis Reuel. 1920 Michael Hilary Reuel finally follow it, in November 1924 Christopher Reuel and 1929 the daughter Priscilla Mary in October. ThoseTime after the birth of the first son is coined/shaped by lucky moments: With land trips into the forests of the environment and dances Edith for him sings - from this the history of the large love between the mortal hero Beren finally develops andthe beautiful, but unsterblichen Elbin Lúthien, which as a center of the Silmarillions can be considered.

After further transfers in the spring 1918, approximately after after Penkridge in the county Staffordshire and again back, gets sick he cladding again and must againin the officer hospital to be instructed. It uses the time this time, in order to teach itself beside the work on its mythology something Russian. After his dismissal in October it is finally certain that the end of the war is approaching briefly. On the search for workit turns thereupon at one his former Oxforder lecturer, William Craigie, which provides an employment for it with the new English Dictionary, so that Tolkien can move finally in November 1918 with woman and child after Oxford.

Early professional years

until 1930lived the Tolkiens in the Northmoor Road 22 in Oxford. Then they pulled themselves a house of far into the Northmoor Road 20

even if in its satire Farmer Giles OF Ham some ironical allusions on its time with the new EnglishDictionary find, are this nevertheless altogether a lucky time. For the first time durably with Edith and in the own house living, finds he unites his activity also intellectual energizing. It becomes later over the two years, in which it at thatProduction of the dictionary is involved, says, it learned at no more time of its life. Day-filling it tasks posed are however not, so that he finds besides still time, to inform as private teachers students. An activity, itself aslucratively puts enough out, in order to be able to terminate in the year 1920 the cooperation at the new English Dictionary.

But even if the financial situation is acceptable, Tolkien does not have its desire to begin an academic career given up. There arises surprisingly in the summerthe yearly 1920 a possibility: In Leeds the place” reader “(a kind junior professor) at Institut for English language became free. Although initially sceptically over its chances, he receives the desired place. This means however also a further separation fromEdith, who stays with that now two sons in Oxford, until she can pull 1921 tight.

It is entrusted by its superior first with the organization of the study plan for old and central English. Besides it compiles Eric V. together with its colleague.Gordon a new edition of the centralEnglish poem Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, which after their publication 1925 soon as outstanding contribution applies to the centralEnglish philology.

Also privately the two colleagues approach themselves and form together with students thatViking club, in which except plentiful beer benefit altnordische drinking songs and partly quite crude singing are located in old-English language in the center, a circumstance, which does not contribute probably insignificantly to the popularity Tolkiens with its students. After four years in Leeds in the year 1924Tolkien is finally promoted to full professor.

In poems from this time are the first referring to creatures, that will later find their place in its central earth mythology: The poem Glib for example describes a slimy nature with weak-bright eyes,deeply in a cave lives and reminds thereby of the figure of the Gollum. Its” respectable “mythology, today in the book of the missing persons stories available, is meanwhile nearly finished. Two of the legends, the history of Turin Turambar and the narrationof Lúthien and Beren he selects, in order to translate it into a poem form in more detail.

1925 become suddenly the Rawlinson and Bosworth chair for anglo-saxon in Oxford vakant. Tolkien applies and receives, probably among other things by the Reputation of its Sir Gawain - translation, the post awarded.

The next years pass outward without more important occurrences: 1926 create Tolkien in the colleague circle the Kolbitar (Icelandic for Kohlenbeisser), an informal round, which meets regularly, around the Icelandic Sagas into read the altnordischen source language. Since 1927 also Clive Staples Lewis belongs to this group, starting from 1926 a colleague Tolkiens, which becomes soon its closest friend. Lewis supports it also with a curriculum reform, those stronger weight on the connectionfrom speaking and literature science and those, by Tolkien is initiated, puts 1931 by the faculty accepted.

However these vocational achievements should not be, on which Tolkiens later fame bases. Its both Hauptwerke, the main header bits and the master of the ringshave instead both their root in the domestic family circle, in the father role, which fills out Tolkien exemplary opposite its children.

” The small main header bits “and” the master of the rings “

second house Tolkiens in Oxford

in the early 1920er and 1930er years begins he,its children regularly fantasievolle stories to tell, which play however usually outside of the myth world, on which it at this time already seriously works. From this time among other things the narration Roverandom , those originates on disappearing a toy dog of itssecond son Michael decreases/goes back. During itself in this narration only or two kryptische, at that time only references to the larger mythology, understandable for it, find, refer the 1930 history begun The main header bit already several times to events from its serious Mythology, so in references to the Elbe city the Gondolin and the shape of the Nekromant, which is already at this time part of its late legend world settled in the first age of central earth. By switching of a former student the publishing house becomesAllen&Unwin on its narration attentively, which is published after inspired review by the son of the publisher, Rayner Unwin, in the year 1937. On urgent desire of the publishing house Tolkien begins those with the work on a follow-up narration, first like The main header bit as Kinderbuch is put on.

Toward end of the thirties and after inspiration by Clive Staples Lewis, which is connected with it now in the literary circle of the” Inklings “, a group, to beside Lewis and Tolkien also the Charles Williams, Owen Barfield, Hugo Dyson and Adam Fox belong, hold it the much-considered lecture on Fairy Stories, in which it describes the principles of the Fantasy category developing later and energetically defended against reproaches of the Eskapismus (reality escape).

During the Second World Warif the work drags on on its follow-on project for the main header bits , which carry the name The lord OF the of ring now, however by other tasks one interrupts again and again.

1945 it changes Tolkiens third

house in Oxford, still inOxford, on the Professur for Anglistik. Only in the year 1954 however The lord OF the of ring is finally published. The delay had on the one hand with Tolkiens perfectionism to do on the other hand in addition, with Tolkiens desire for a publishing house change,by the alleged refusal of its serious myth work The Silmarillion was motivated. As its old publisher Allen&Unwin an ultimatum for the publication of its total mythology (The lord OF the of ring and The Silmarillion) without possibility for the opinion of the manuscript rejects,Tolkien offers its work the publishing house house Collins.

After initial enthusiasm one insists there however on extensive shortening, for which Tolkien is not ready, so that he turns repentant its old publishing house. Rayner Unwin, that as a childthe main header bits had examined, meanwhile to the junior publisher ascended and assumes the book without further corrections. Due to the paper prices in England, exorbitant as a result of the war, the work in three volumes (The Fellowship OF the ring becomes, The Two Towers, The Return OF the King) publishes, so that each single volume can be offered for reasonable prices. Therefore this very day the falsely used name Trilogie for the complete work, a designation, the Tolkien time of its life comesrejected, since it had divided the work into six books.

Beginning of the 1960er appears in the USA an unauthorized copy of The lord OF the of ring and releases a cult movement among the students, which Tolkien fast to a celebritymakes. By close binding at its ever more numerously becoming fans, that have substantial pressure to its favour for the publisher of the Piratenausgabe, it reaches Tolkien however against the legal situation unfavorable for it that the Piratenedition is adjusted, so that soononly the version on the US-American market, authorized by him, is available.

Last years

the grave of Edith and J.R.R. He spends Tolkien

in Oxford its further life with the preparation of the Silmarillion, which he however up toits end of life any longer and only after its death by its son the Christopher Tolkien does not finish is given change.

For few years pull it and his Mrs. Edith into the English seaside resort a Bournemouth. There Edith dies in the year 1971,whereupon Tolkien pulls back after Oxford. Two years later also it dies at the age of 81 years after short illness in a private hospital in Bournemouth, where it had returned for a short vacation. The tomb of the two is on the catholic part” Jordan of the Hill Cemetery “in Oxford; on the gravestones also the names Beren and Lúthien stand - for indications of a love outlasting death apart from their names.

Already before the death of its father worked on ChristopherTolkien the documents of its father and published since 1977 among other things the Silmarillion and from 1983 to 1996 also the History OF Middle Earth.

The life and work J. R. R. Tolkiens dedicates itself in Germany today the German TolkienSociety (DTG).

In the following

both Tolkiens academic publications are specified list of works as well as its literary works.


  • A Middle English Vocabulary 1922
  • Some Contributions ton of Middle English Lexicography 1925
  • The Devil's Coach Horses 1925
  • edition of Sir Gawain and the GreenKnight 1925
  • Ancrene knows and Hali Meiðhad 1929
  • Sigelwara country of parts of I/II 1932/1934
  • Chaucer as A Philologist: The Reeve's Tale 1935
  • Beowulf, The of monster and the Critics. Sir Israel Gollancz memorial lecture 1936. Oxford Univ. Press, London1936, Oxford 1971, Arden Libr, Darby 1978 (Reprint).
  • Sir Orfeo 1944
  • “Iþþlen” in Sawles Warde 1947
  • on Fairy Stories 1947
  • The Homecoming OF Beorhtnoth, Beorhthelm's Son 1953
  • Middle English of” lot-close “ 1953
  • Ancrene knows: The English text OF the Ancrene Riwle 1962
  • English and Welsh 1963
  • translations of Pearl and Sir Orfeo postum 1975
  • The old English exodus text, translation, comment altengl. Poem exodus postum 1981
  • Finn and Hengest: The fragment and the episode postum 1982, translation and comment
  • Beowulf and the Critics postum 2002
  • Beowulf (translation) so far unpublished


  • the small main header bits (The main header bit: or There and bake Again), 1937, dt. 1957
  • sheet of Tüftler (Leaf by Niggle), 1945
  • farmer Giles of Ham (Farmer Giles OF Ham), 1949
  • the gentleman of the rings (The lord OF the of ring), 1969/1970, appeared in three volumes as
    • The Fellowship OF the ring: being the roofridge part OF The lord OFthe of ring 1954,
    • The Two Towers: being the second part OF The lord OF the of ring 1954,
    • The Return OF the King: being the third part OF The lord OF the of ring 1955
  • forge from Grossholzingen (Smith OF Wootton major) 1967
  • Guide ton the Names in” The lord OF the of ring “, A Tolkien compass, postum 1975 (notes for naming in its Hauptwerk)
  • the letters of Santa Claus (The Letters OF Father Christmas), postum1976, dt. 1977. Extended new edition 2004.
  • The Silmarillion (The Silmarillion), postum 1977, dt. 1978
  • messages from central earth (Unfinished of valley OF Númenor and Middle earth), postum 1980, dt. 1983
  • Mr Bliss postum 1982
  • The History OF Middle earth postum1983-1996, published in twelve volumes as
    • The Book OF draw valley, part I postum to 1983, dt. Translation into the book of the missing persons stories
    • The Book OF draws valley, part II postum to 1984, dt. Translation into the book of the missing persons stories,Part to 2
    • The Lays OF Beleriand postum to 1985
    • The Shaping OF Middle earth postum 1986
    • The draws Road and OTHER Writings postum 1987
    • The Return OF the Shadow postum 1988
    • The Treason OF Isengard postum 1989
    • The was OF the ring postum 1990
    • Sauron Defeated postum 1992
    • Morgoth's ring postum 1993
    • The was OF the Jewels postum 1994
    • The Peoples OF Middle earth postum 1996
  • Roverandom postum 1998

lyric poetry

  • poem The Battle OF the Eastern Field 1911
  • poem From the many willow'd marginOF the immemorial Thames 1913
  • poem You & ME and the Cottage OF draws to Play 1915
  • poem Kortirion among the trees 1915
  • poem Goblin Feet 1915
  • poem The Happy Mariners 1920
  • poem The Clerke's Compleinte 1922
  • poem Iumonna gold GaldreBewunden 1923
  • poem The town center OF the Gods 1923
  • poem The Eadigan Saelidan 1923
  • poem Why the one into the Moon Came down Too Soon 1923
  • poem Enigmala Saxonic - A Nuper Inventa duo 1923
  • poem The Cat and theFiddle: A Nursery Rhyme Undone and its Scandalous does not secret Unlocked 1923
  • poem at Evening in Tavrobel 1924
  • poem The Lonely Isle 1924
  • poem The Princess ever 1924
  • poem Light as Leaf on Lindentree 1925
  • poem The Nameless country 1926
  • poem Adventuresin Unnatural History and Medieval Metres, being the Freaks OF Fisiologus 1927
  • poem progress in Bimble Town 1931
  • poem Errantry 1933
  • poem Firiel 1934
  • poem The Adventures OF Tom Bombadil 1934
  • poem collection Songs for the Philologists, together with registered association.Gordon and. A.1936
  • poem The Dragon's Visit 1937
  • poem Knocking RK the Door: LINEs induced by sensation when waiting for at to who A the door OF at Exalted Academic person 1937
  • poem The Lay OF Aotrou and Itroun 1945
  • Poem Imram 1955
  • poem collection The Adventures OF Tom Bombadil and OTHER of verse from The talk Book 1962
  • poem Once upon A time 1965
  • poem For W. H. A. 1967
  • poem cycle The Road Goes Ever on: A Song Cycle 1967,toned by Donald Swann
  • poem Bilbo's load Song posthum 1974
  • Ballade The Lay OF Leithian posthum 1985 in: The History OF Middle Earth, Bd. 3: The Lays OF Beleriand
  • Ballade The Lay OF the children OF Húrin posthum 1985 in: The History OF Middle Earth, Bd. 3: The Lays OF Beleriand


  • auto+biographic report Tolkien on Tolkien 1966
  • LP Poems and Songs OF Middle Earth 1968 (Tolkien reads among other things some its poems)
  • LPs The main header bit and The lord OF theRing postum 1975 (Tolkien reads excerpts from its works)
  • book of pictures Pictures by J. R. R. Tolkien postum 1979 (collection of Tolkiens designs)
  • letters Letters OF J. R. R. Tolkien postum 1981

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