Jack Dave haven

Jack Dave haven (* 1. March 1973 in Suffolk, England) is a British actor.

Dave haven is above all admits by its role in Coupling as Steve Taylor. Its first cinema role it denied beside John Cleese as a zoo attendant into savage creatures, 1999 played it in Ticks with Kacey Ainsworth and Saskia Reeves, likewise 1999 played it a Nebenrolle in the talentierte Mr. Ripley. Its last role on the canvas was the figure of the Norrington in curse of the Karibik.

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] youth Jack

Dave haven

for renting to 1.3.1973 in the rural Suffolk, a county north of London, were born. Its parents are particularly well-known due to their role in „a fish named Wanda “the British actors Maria Aitken, in Germany, and Nigel Dave haven, (*1928), which played the main role in the TV-series „Howard' s Way “. Already in recent years the presence of actors pleased him much. Both the father, and the nut/mother tried to divert him however of the looking plaything, be there these „a breadless art can “and „a very difficult way to earn living costs “. After the change of the general public school on the boarding school „The Dragon School “at the age of straight once eight years, could be separated parents and did not load their son thus not with their separation. First experiences as professional actors gained Jack in its college time, when he played in „the Theatre Clwyd “. When it left then „the Cheltenham college “, it, like its father, already went to „the University OF East Anglia “and studied there English literature and film sciences, in order to create itself a basis for the future; nevertheless he wanted to try as actors.

film career

This would run

Jack got in the British series over young attorneys the role of the Miles, a good-looking and moodful Schwerenöters, the particularly female spectator impressed („He which all sorts OF things, none OF them particularly good, but I think his heart which essentially on the right place “). Although the series of only two relays persisted, Jack attached friendships, which persist still until today.

the talentierte Mr. Ripley (1999)

Jack played in Anthony Minghellas literature filming the again created role Peter Smith Kingsley („The chap into the duffle coat jumping UP and down into the background “)

Coupling - who with whom? (2000-2002; 2004)

The break-through: Jack plays the misfortune leagues Steve, which lives together with its friend Susan. Steve tries to represent the voice of the reason, if he converses in the evening with its buddy with the beer. Frequently it stolpert thereby however into more complicated and more ridiculous situations than all other („Steve takes a situation, digs themselves into a large pit from humiliating and shame, climbs inside - and continues to dig ever “)

curse of the Karibik

the past high point: The Blockbuster from Disney Studios draws alone in Germany over 6 million spectator into the cinemas. Jack plays - at the side of Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom and Keira Kneightley - the Kommodore Norrington, Keiras promised married man

Wedding DATE - men are for renting Jack

play in the Low budget film the role of the beginning married man Edward Fletcher Wooten there. Despite some star knows the moderate film both the press, and the spectators not to convince, so that he never came into Germany into the cinemas, but when DVD premiere appeared


Jack married at the 1. May 2000 its play colleague Michelle Gomez. It lives today with woman and dog Sadie in the south of London. However accumulated themselves up rumors, which were partly confirmed by Jack that there would be crises in its marriage; these are to be attributed mostly to the fact that the two actors nearly never see themselves to Filmografie (selection

occupation [to work on]


  • motion picture films curse of the Karibik 3 (2007) as Kommodore
  • Norrington curse of the Karibik - „DEAD one' s Chest “(2006) as Kommodore
  • Norrington Wedding DATE - men are for renting (2005) as Edward Fletcher Wooden
  • The Libertine as Harris
  • curse of the Karibik (2003) as Kommodore Norrington
  • The shelter (2001) as Ebert
  • the talentierte Mr. Ripley (1999) as Peter Smith Kingsley
  • the wisdom of the crocodiles (1998)
  • Talos, the mummy (1998) as a detective bar clay/tone
  • savage creatures (1997) as a student zoo worker (mini role!)


  • This (1998) as Miles Steward Coupling
  • would run - who with whom? (2000-2002; 2004) as Steve Taylor

of hearing books

  • Come Together
  • Lucky Jim
  • The Tesseract


  • How ton of Loose Friends and Alienate People (Soho Theatre)
  • lady Windermere' s fan (Theatre Royal; Director: Sir Peter resound)
  • to The Servant (lyric poetry, Hammersmith)
  • The temp test (Holders festival Barbados)
  • Hamlet (Theatre Clwyd)


  • nominating for „Laurence of olive Theatre Award “as best newcomers 2001


film script author Steven Moffat („Coupling “):

“It' s so useful having A nice person playing the lead in your show. Because Jack' s so gracious and child, NO one else CAN misbehave. He has that “leading one” quality, which is more than just being handsome and charming, it' s thus about being A team more leader. He' s thus doing wave into movies. In term OF the floppy-shark-talk Englishman, he' s one OF the Main contenders especially as he has good teeth. ”

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