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Jack Nicholson with the film festivals in Cannes, 2001

John Joseph (Jack) Nicholson (* 22. April 1937 in New York town center, New York) is an US-American actor. It is considered to the most well-known and best as oneActor of all times. With two Oscars as best leading actors, to one as best Nebendarsteller as well as altogether twelve nominating (eight as best leading actors) he set up a record. To Nicholsons brand names belong its ungezügeltes temper and its salient “Haifischgrinsen”.

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Youth and training

Jack Nicholson buildup without father. Since his nut/mother is 17 years old June with relieving only, Jacks did not spend itself grandmother Ethel in their place as its nut/mother, around the reputation of their daughterto harm. June took over the role of the older sister. Only 1974 experienced Nicholson by TIME - an article the truth about its family. He never saw his father , the italienischstämmigen actor Don Furcillo († 1997).

The resolution, actor toobecome, it already seized as a small boy. It engaged itself in the group of theatres of its school and was considered already soon as a class clown. Among his childhood friends also the actor Danny DeVito ranked, with which he flew 1975 in one over thatKuckucksnest to see is. After the conclusion of the Manasquan High School, he left 1954 its place of residence Neptune, new jersey, and followed its nut/mother June after Hollywood. There he worked as a messenger boy for the trick film department of MGM.

End of the 1950er years took Nicholson play instruction with Jeff Corey. To its fellow students smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Chamberlain and James Coburn belonged. 1958 it met the producer Roger Corman, which occupies it for its film cry, baby killer. Alsoin the subsequent years Nicholson was mainly active for Corman and arose in B-Movies like the small horror shop, The terror (its direction debut) or the wild hunt. Its role was frequently those of the juvenile rebel. 1962 he married thoseActress Sandra Knight, 1963 came its first daughter Jennifer to the world. In the same year also its nut/mother June at cancer died.

Hollywood career

in the middle of the 1960er tried Nicholson as an author, wrote among other things the film script for The Trip. With the filming by Roger Corman he became acquainted with 1967 Peter Fonda and Dennis hopper . Latter occupied it 1969 for its Roadmovie Easy Rider. The cult film of the Hippie - generation and classical author that new Hollywood - movement madeNicholson suddenly famous and brought in the first OSCAR for it - nominating. Second followed only one year later for a man looks for itself.

Into the 1970er years ascended Nicholson to the superstar. Meanwhile divorced, he celebrated with hopper,Fonda, novel Polański and its best friend Warren Beatty wild drug and Sexpartys. After two further nominating (the last command, 1973, and novel Polańskis Chinatown, 1974) it received 1975 for one flew over the Kuckucksnest by Milos Forman its first OSCAR.

Following several failures Nicholson turned 1980 with the direction legend Stanley Kubrick the horror classical author Shining, in which he played a mad writer. A dear scene with Jessica is enough in if the post office man twice, provided 1981 ring for a scandal. In the same year its second daughter Honey was born. The nut/mother was not the Danish Model Vienna ever Hollman. Nicholson was at this time already for several years with the actress Anjelica Huston together.

For time of the tenderness it was distinguished again 1983 with the OSCAR. In the continuation years of the tenderness he transferred 1996 a guest appearance. The Comic - filming Batman, in whom it played the rogue Joker, became one its largestfinancial success. Owing to a profit-sharing it took over 60 million dollar.

Short time separated later Anjelica Huston from Nicholson, than it experienced that the waitress Rebecca Broussard expected a daughter of it. It gave her the name of itsAunt, Lorraine.1992 came a son, Raymond, to the world. From 1999 to 2001 Nicholson with the actress Lara Flynn Boyle lived together .

On the canvas it was into the 1990ern and. A. into a question of the honour, wolf and Mars Attacks! to see. Its representation of an egoistic Menschenhassers in good geht's did not bring in 1998 the third OSCAR, which it that the 1998 deceased actors J. for it. T. Walsh dedicated. Among Nicholsons recent projects About Schmidt as well as the comedies ranked The rage sample and which desires the heart, in which it takes its image as woman hero and Sex symbol on the arm.



  • “There is only one that is more expensive than a woman, i.e. an ex woman. ”
  • “Ilose never the control, only sometimes can I it not alike to stop find. “


  • “The AVERAGEs celebrity meets, into one year, ten times the amount OF people that the AVERAGEs person meets into his entire would run. ”

(The average prominent one meetsin one year ten times as many people as the average citizen in its whole life.)


as an actor (film)

as an actor (television)

  • 1957 - valley OF Wlls fargo - episode “The Washburn Girl”
  • 1958 -Bronco - episode “The Equalizer”
  • 1959 - Mr. Lucky - episode “operation”
  • 1959 - Hawaiian Eye - episode “totally Eclipse”
  • 1960 - The Andy Griffith show
  • 1960 - The Andy Griffith show
  • 1961 - Dr. Kildare - episode “A drawsPatient "
  • 1961 - Dr. Kildare - episode “What Happended ton universe the Sunshine and Roses? ”
  • 1961 - Dr. Kildare - episode “The key OF Crow”
  • 1961 - Dr. Kildare - episode “Out OF A Concrete Tower”
  • 1964 - Voyageton the Bottom OF the Sea
  • 1980 - Making OF “The Shining”
  • 1983 - Salute ton John Huston
  • 1985 - live Aid
  • 1995 - Salute ton of Steven play mountain
  • 1996 - Salute ton of Clint Eastwood
  • 1999 - Salute ton of Dustin Hoffman
  • 2000 - Hollywood of skirt the Movies 1955-1970

as a film script author

  • 1963 - Thunder Iceland
  • 1964 - Flight ton of Fury
  • 1965 - Ride into the Whirlwind
  • 1967 - The Trip
  • 1968 - Head

as a director

  • 1963- The terror
  • 1971 - drive He Said
  • 1978 - Goin' South
  • 1990 - the trace leads back (The Two Jakes)

as a producer

  • 1965 - ride in the eddy wind (Ride into the Whirlwind)
  • 1967 - shooting (TheShooting)
  • 1968 - Head
  • 1971 - drive He Said


BAFTA film Award

  • 1989 best Nebendarsteller (Batman)

golden Globe Nomminierungen (# = won)

  • 1969 Easy Rider
  • 1970 A man looks for himself (Five Easy Pieces)
  • 1971 the art too(Carnal Knowledge love)
  • 1973 The last command (The load detail)
  • 1974 # Chinatown
  • 1981 flew 1975 # of one over the Kuckucksnest (One Flew Over the Cuckoo's nest
  • ) Reds
  • 1983 # time of the tenderness (term OF Endearment)
  • 1985 # the honourthe Prizzis (Prizzi' s Honor)
  • 1987 Wolf milk (Ironweed)
  • 1989 # Batman
  • 1992 Jimmy Hoffa (Hoffa)
  • 1992 A question of the honour (A Few Good Men)
  • 1997 # good does not go to' s (As Good As It GET)
  • 1998 # “Cecil B. DeMille Award "
  • 2002 # About Schmidt
  • 2003 # which the heart desires (Something' s Gotta Give)

OSCAR nominating (# = won)


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