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Jack Sheppard in new gate
Jack Sheppard, alias by John Shepherd (* 1702 in London; † 16. November 1724 ebda.), was a notorious English robber, burglar and a thief early 18. Century in London .

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Sheppard was just as famous for its crimes as for its many successful attempts to extract itself from the arm of the justice. Its repeated escape actions contributed to the fall „of the Generaldiebesfängers of Great Britain and Ireland “, Jonathan game, a schillernden large criminal with civil double life.

Jack Sheppard, its first name actually „John “ read itself and that alternatively also „Gentleman Jack “ or „Jack the LOD “ (dt. „Bur Jack “) called, as a son of a Londoner of carpenter in the White' s Row in the Londoner quarter Spitalfields in the year 1702 was born. Although its father already deceased in his childhood, and he its youth in a work house to spend had, learned he the joiner's trade likewise. However it came already soon into bad society and began to supplement its daily wages around the booty from a set from break-downs and thefts to.

It was locked up several times, but it succeeded to Sheppard, from the pc. To escape Giles prison, by sawing itself by a timber ceiling, and he did not flee 1724 less than three times from the feared new gate prison.

With the first time it filed its chains through, bored a hole by the wall and climbed at bedlinen to the ground down. With the second escape to 30. Cut August 1724 - it was already condemned to death - it a thorn from a visitor window. Although it became with the third time into a safety cell, mentioned „the Castle “, closed, it succeeded to it assistance of a nail to 14. To open its chains and with a steel-pipe, which served otherwise for closing a fire-place, it broke October 1724 by doors and walls. Again use it a blanket, in order to reach the roof of a close building. From there it could escape.

Long Sheppard its liberty could enjoy only two weeks. Not its untiring hunter Jonathan game finally brought it to the distance, but its slope to the alcohol and to the Angeberei. With a Sauftour by the Drury Lane it was recognized and betrayed. It planned still still another last escape, but a prison attendant found the Taschenmesser, with which he wanted to probably cut through its cords on the way to the Galgen. But in addition it did not come any longer.

Tipzy one by strong beverages, which the public handed him, pulled Sheppard to 16. November 1724 with a merry Prozession by London to the Galgen of Tyburn, where today the Oxford Street is. 200,000 humans are to have watched its Erhängung. Before the drunk Delinquent gave still another launige farewell speech. On the Kirchhof of pc. Martin in the Fields found the 22-jährige escapee king its last Ruhestätte.

evaluations of literature

Sheppards self-willed „hero acts “were often worked on in novels, for stage and film:

  • as the figure „Macheath “in John Gay 's briefly „The Beggar's Opera “(1728) and in the three-groschen opera “(1928) from Bertolt break and Weill
  • in a Melodram of William Thomas Moncrieff (* 1794; † 1857) „Jack Sheppard, The Housebreaker or London in 1724 “ (1825)
  • in the novel „Jack Sheppard “ (1839) of William Harrison Ainsworth (* 1805; † 1882), that in the same year for a successful play of John Baldwin bending clay/tone (* 1802; † 1879) and 1840 of Thomas Longdon Greenwood (* 1806; † 1879 were adapted)
  • in the English silent movie „Jack Sheppard “ (1923), direction: Henry Cockraft Taylor; Main role: Does west in
  • the biography want „The road tons of Tyburn “ (1957) from Christopher Hibbert (* 1924 in Leicestershire)
  • in the English costume drama, „Where's Jack? “ (1969), direction: James Clavell ; Main role: Tommy Steele
  • in the double biography „The Thieves' Opera “ (1997) from Lucy of moorlands (* 1970) over Jonathan game and Jack Sheppard
  • in Neal Stephensons three novels „of the Baroque Cycle “ (seebaroque Trilogie “) (2003, 2004), in which the character was inspired „Jack Shaftoe “by events from the life Jack Sheppards.
  • The British Produktionsgesellschaft FilmFour, which belongs to the television station Channel 4, announced in the year 2000 the film project „to Jack Sheppard and Jonathan game “ . Benjamin Ross (* 1964 in London), which together with the TV-critic DAILY telegraph John Preston the film script had already written, was intended as a director. The main roles should play Tobey Maguire and Harvey Keitel. The film was not realized (so far).


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