series data
of German titles: Jackass
original title: Jackass
production country: The USA
production year (e): 2000 - 2002
length per episode: approx. 24 minutes
of episode number: 26
source language: English
title music: D. Boon
idea: Johnny Knoxville
spike Jonze
Jeff Tremaine
category: Reality
Erstausstrahlung: 12. April 2000 (the USA)
Erstausstrahlung (D): 8. February 2001

the US-American show Jackass (dt.: Donkey, fool, asshole) belongs to the most disputed formats of the music transmitter MTV. It goes into itaround a group of Draufgängern, which implement waghalsige, frequently also disgust-exciting Stunts. For protection of children and young people reasons it was forbidden MTV 2002 in Germany radiating the transmission before 23.00 o'clock.

In the meantime no new consequences of the show are more produced. Many the Protagonisten started meanwhile own careers.Thus Johnny Knoxville turned 2002 with wants Smith and Tommy Lee Jones the film Men in Black 2, Steve o made a world tour and has in the meantime with Chris Pontius its own show named Wildboyz and Bam Margera may in Viva La Bam its parents Phil andDuly on the nerves go to April.

2003 came the film Jackass: The Movie of the director spike Jonze into the cinemas, which was only released in Germany starting from 18 years. Brought in the film world-wide 80 million dollar.

Opponents accuse to the show, to oneClimate to have contributed, in which asoziales behavior such as Happy Slapping - attacks became possible.

further actors

  • Preston Lacy
  • April Margera (“Ape”, Bams nut/mother)
  • Dimitry Elyashlkevic
  • Jeff Tremaine (thatProducer of Jackass)
  • Rick Kosick
  • Greg Iguchi
  • Trip Taylor
  • Stephanie Hodge
  • Manny Puig
  • Guch.

In guest roles so far among other things Brad Pitt, Mat Hoffman, Shaquille O'Neal were, to see Tony Hawk and Sean Penn.

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