Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan (* 7. April 1954 in Hong Kong) (chin. 成龙/成龍, Chéng Lóng and/or. Already sing Cantonese Lung „a Drache “), is also well-known a world-well-known actor of the Martial kind film and in the asiatic area as a singer. It was born to 7. April1954 in Hong Kong, when Chan Kong singing (陳港生), which means as much as „the Chan born in Hong Kong “. Son of Charles and Lee Lee Chan. He married 1982 ehem. taiwanesische actress Lin Feng Jiao (林风娇) with which it also a son has; Cho Ming, that in the same year bornbecame, momentarily its own singing and play career with the artist name Jaycee Fong aims at.

In the film industry of Hong Kong one regarded it at first as a successor of Bruce Lee, which deceased to 1973 and whose death of the film industry in Hong Kong shifted a heavy impact. Each film producera new Bruce, Jackie looked for saw itself however not as its successors. It created its own, by Akrobatik and komödiantischen inserts distinguishing combat style, which differs from Bruce Lees substantially, which on aggressiveness and seriousness was based itself.

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childhood and youth

Jackie Chan buildup in a ärmlichen family, during the revolution in China into thoseBritish colony Hong Kong had fled. Charles and Lee Lee Chan lived first in ärmlichen Ghettos, however with the French consul were then shortly thereafter employed, where Yak-gravel became nut/mother housemaid and his father cook. They lived thus in the exclusive Villenvorort Victoria peak, whereby them neverthelessquite partitioned of the western world lived. Since its father controlled Chinese combat equipment, he taught this Jackie already early in his childhood. At the age of seven years it its parents sent on China drama Academy, the Peking opera - to school (a kind boarding school, itself upCombat haven, singing and play specialized) under line of the strict master Yu Jim Yuen, thereby the hyper+active, unartige Jackie there and. A. Discipline, in addition, fighting (among other things the Chinese Wing Chun Kung Fu) and actors to learn could.

It was sent on this school, because itsParents in Australia a work assumed and it not to carry forward could not. The training at this school was hard: The pupils are from the morning-grey to midnight with among other things Akrobatik, dance, singing, “service” and vintages and letter (which possessed however a quite small value) employ, asPunishment were not impacts rarity. According to the closed school contract was bound Jackie for ten years to the director/conductor of the school, which he selected himself even, because at the beginning he found the environment exciting and promised themselves to much fun. As it its father after thatDuration asked, which it wanted to spend at the school, answered it: “Always!”.

Jackie followed its parents after conclusion of the school and a rather inconsistant life in bars and play halls. He worked and. A. in construction industry, where it received also its name Jackie, there ita little English and the name its foreman, who was called Jack, spoke pushed open by its teammates got, who did not get its Chinese name over the lips. From small Jack became Jacky, whereby he decided for the way of writing Jackie.

play career

at the age ofseven years had Jackie its film debut in bend and Little Wong Tin bar. Until it left the school at the age of 17 years, it still cooperated in further four films. Afterwards it found first work as Stuntman, among other things in Bruce Lees FistOF Fury and hand OF Death, to which direction debut of Wu Yu-Sheng admits, today as John Woo. The competition was large, but Jackie succeeded it to stand out by particularly waghalsige actions against the mass of the Stuntmen. In this way it received its first rolesas an actor and worked also as Stuntkoordinator, even as of the youngest in the film history Hong Kong. By hard work for many years he attained finally the fame, which he had earned. However freshbaked star first several attempts failed that to conquer the American market. Although it the break-through inAmerica had created, did not give it not struck and turned several, very successful films in China, as for instance policy story and its continuations. At success Jackie Chan succeeded by breath-robbing Stunts in its films, which he courageously, in addition, often with injuries (many of iteven lethal -- Jackie is schwerhörig on an ear after a fall in Armour OF God and/or. The right arm of the Gods. This film cost it nearly the life, when it fell from a tree and landed on the head. Since this fall hasit a hole in the head, with a plastic plug is sealed.) completed. In this way also finally the American public on Jackie became attentively, particularly by Rumble into the Bronx, that it as the first of its films to the point of the American box Office Chartscreated. It won now new fans in the whole world and its earlier films came by it also outside of Asia to large admittingness, particularly into video bars.

In the meantime it has world-wide high reputation and operates outside of the film making still many charity actions, possesses portions of the famousRestaurant chain planet Hollywood and makes itself strong for the tourism of its hometown. Success in Hollywood did not rise it to head, because it knows always, where it comes, i.e. from Peking an opera school in Hong Kong.

Its works cover over 80 films, in thoseit a role as actors has - over 60 with a main role and altogether a participation, also with singing, on over 140 films.


Jackie Chan can look back on a long set of violent, partly lethal injuries, whereby here only the most importantare mentioned:

  • Head: Skull fracture with the rights arm of the Gods - Armour OF God, faint by impact on the head with Dragon Forever
  • eye: Almost an eye lost with you called it bone crushers and one with the Medallion, there a steel cable tore andnose met it only few millimeters beside
  • the eye: Three times broken, with master of all classes, the Superfighter and Mr. Nice Guy
  • cheek: Ausgekugelter cheek bone at policy story of 3
  • teeth: Deflected tooth with the queue in the shade of the eagle
  • chin: Painful injury with Dragon lord
  • Neck: Injury with the Superfighter and Mr. Nice Guy
  • throat: Almost asphyxiation with master of all classes
  • shoulder: Ausgekugelte shoulder with town center Hunter
  • chest: Expenditure ball width unit breastbone with mission eagle - the strong arm of the Gods
  • upper arm: Cut by a sword, that was more sharply than planned The queue in the shade of the eagle
  • back: Almost paraplegia at policy story
  • basin: Ausgekugelter basin bone at policy story
  • hand: Hurt finger and hand bone with The Protector
  • of legs: Fragment breaks at both legs with hard ton
  • the knees: Bad knee injury with town center Hunter
  • foot: Broken foot joint Rumble into the Bronx
  • ears: Since fall with the rights arm of the Gods - Armour OF God on an ear schwerhörig

background and other

  • thanks of its extensive Sprachkenntnisse (among other things English, Japanese, taiwanisch, Chinese, Cantonese, Korean) is it in the situation to synchronize many of the foreign versions of its films themselves.
  • Except for the two exceptions tigers of the death arena (1976) and policy Woman (1972) it always plays good “characters in its films „.
  • It has the film on the Highwayagain hell is loosely only turned, in order to fulfill its contract, without any sympathy.
  • Its „opera brothers “are: Sammo Hung, Yuen Biao, Corey Yuen, Yuen Wah and Yuen one mix.
  • Its American favourite film is The sound OF music
  • after an affairwith the former measure Asia Elaine Ng has it an illegitimate daughter.
  • 1976 it had to undergo when desired of its client at that time of an eye cosmetic operation, which for it „a western “appearance should provide. The last film without this change was Wooden one (1976).
  • Two plays existon the PlayStation - consoles and an indication trick series of and with it.
  • The volume Ash huldigt it in its Song „Kung Fu “and the volume gold finger even designated a song after it: „Jackie Chan “.
  • He is a large fan of Buster Keaton and shows this alsoagain and again in its films.

Filmografie (selection)

  • 1962: Bend and Little Wong Tin bar (child role at the age of seven years)
  • to 1963: The Love Eternal
  • 1964: The story OF Qui Xiang Lin
  • 1966: The sword of the yellow Tigerin (Come drink with ME)
  • 1971: Master with the broken hands (The Little tiger OF CAN clay/tone) - first main role
  • of 1971: The Heroine
  • 1972: Policy Woman
  • 1972: Hapkido
  • 1972: Blood of finger
  • 1976: Dragon Forever (hand OF Death )
  • 1976: Master of all classes III (new Fist OF Fury)
  • 1976: Wooden one
  • 1976: Tiger of the death arena (killer meteor)
  • 1977: The challenger (ton of Kill With Intrigue)
  • 1977: The Unbesiegbaren of the Shaolin (Snake &Crane kind OF Shaolin)
  • 1978: The carats bombers (A helped Loaf OF Kung Fu)
  • 1978: Master OF Death (Magnificant Bodyguards)
  • 1978: Master of all classes II (mirror-image ritual Kung Fu)
  • 1978: Dragon Hero (Dragon Fist)
  • 1978: The queue in the shade of the eagle
  • 1978: They called it bone crusher (Drunken master)
  • 1979: Two slot ears in the Knochenmühle/Superfighter 3 (Fearless Hyena)
  • 1980: Superfighter 2 (Fearless Hyena 2)
  • 1980: Master of all classes(The Young master)
  • 1980: The large Keilerei (to Battle Creek Brawl/The bend Brawl)
  • 1981: On the Highway hell is the matter (Cannonball run)
  • 1982: Dragon lord
  • 1982: The superfist (Fantasy mission Force)
  • 1983:On the Highway again hell is the matter (Cannonball run 2)
  • 1983: Winners and Sinners
  • 1983: The Superfighter (Project A)
  • 1984: Powerman (Wheels on Meals)
  • 1984: Tokyo Powerman (My Lucky of star)
  • 1984:Powerman II (Twinkle Twinkle Lucky of star)
  • 1985: The Protector
  • 1985: Powerman III (Heart OF the Dragon)
  • 1985: Policy story
  • 1986: The right arm of the Gods (Armour OF God)
  • 1987: Project B (Project AII)
  • 1987: Action Hunter (Dragons Forever)
  • 1987: Policy story 2
  • 1989: Miracles/CAN clay/tone Godfather
  • 1991: Mission eagle (Armour OF God II: Operation CONDOR)
  • 1991: The Prisoner (Iceland OF Fire)
  • 1991: TwinDragons - the power duo
  • 1992: Policy story III: Supercopilot
  • 1993: Town center Hunter
  • 1993: Hard ton (Crime story)
  • the 1994: Jackie Chans Drunken master (Drunken master II)
  • 1994: Rumble into the Bronx
  • 1994: Showdown with 1000HP (Thunderbolt)
  • 1996: Jackie Chans Erstschlag (policy story IV: Roofridge Strike)
  • 1997: Mr. Nice Guy
  • 1998: Jackie Chan is Nobody
  • 1998: Rush Hour
  • 1999: Under control (Gorgeous)
  • 2000: Shanghai Noon
  • 2001: Feeler gaugeagainst will (The Accidental Spy)
  • 2001: Rush Hour 2
  • 2002: The Tuxedo - danger in the suit
  • 2003: Shanghai Knights
  • 2003: Traces OF A Dragon - Jackie Chan on the traces of its lost family
  • 2003: The Medaillon
  • 2004: In 80 days around the world
  • 2004: New policy story
  • 2005: The Myth (German: still unknown)
  • 2006: 90 mins (in production)
  • 2006: Rob B Hood (old.: Project BB; in production)
  • 2007: Rush Hour 3 (in pre-production)


  • 1980: The Young master EAST
  • 1983: Project A EAST
  • 1984: Love ME
  • 1985: The Boy's would run
  • 1985: DO ever
  • 1985: Heart OF Dragon EAST
  • 1986: Shangri La
  • 1986: Sing Lung
  • 1986: Armour OF God EAST
  • 1987: Mou one Tai
  • 1987: Project a2 EAST
  • 1988: HC,My Love
  • 1988: Giant Feelings
  • 1988: Jackie Chan hit
  • 1989: Lake You Again, The Best OF Jackie Chan II
  • 1989: Jackie, hit
  • 1989: Miracles EAST
  • 1990: Armour OF God 2: Operation CONDOR EAST
  • 1992: Policy story 3 EAST
  • 1992: Once Upon A Time in China2 EAST
  • 1992: The beautiful one and the beast EAST
  • 1992: The roofridge Time
  • 1993: Town center Hunter EAST
  • 1994: Drunken master 2 EAST
  • 1994: Rumble into the Bronx EAST
  • 1995: The Best OF film music
  • 1995: Thunderbolt EAST
  • 1995: Jackie Chan hit
  • 1996: Dragon's Heart
  • 1997: Mr. Nice Guy EAST
  • 1998: Dreams
  • 1998: Rush Hour EAST
  • 1998: Who at the I EAST
  • 1999: Gorgeous EAST
  • 1999: The Best OF Jackie Chan
  • 2000: The Accidental Spy EAST
  • 2000: Asian Pops gold Series
  • 2002: Truely, With universe My Heart
  • 2003: The Twins Effect
  • 2003:Skirt Hong Kong 10th Anniversary - Jackie Chan Greatest hit
  • 2004: New policy story EAST
  • 2005: The Myth EAST


  • Best Action Design, Jackie Chan's Stuntman Association, Hong Kong film Awards, 1984 for the Superfighter
  • Best Action Design, Jackie Chan'sStuntman Association, Hong Kong film Awards, 1985 for policy story
  • Best Action Design, Jackie Chan's Stuntman Association, Hong Kong film Awards, 1987 for project B
  • Best Action Design, Jackie Chan's Stuntman Association, Hong Kong film Awards, 1988 for policy story 2
  • Best ActionDesign, Jackie Chan's Stuntman Association, Hong Kong film Awards, 1989 for Miracles
  • Best Action Design, Jackie Chan's Stuntman Association, Hong Kong film Awards, 1994 for Drunken master
  • Best Action Design, Jackie Chan's Stuntman Association, Hong Kong film Awards, 1996 for Rumble inthe Bronx
  • Best Action Choreography, Jackie Chan and Stanley Tong, Hong Kong film Award 1996 for Rumble into the Bronx
  • Best Action Choreography, Jackie Chan, Hong Kong film Awards 1999 for Jackie Chan is Nobody
  • Best Picture, Hong Kong film Awards, 1985for policy story
  • Best Picture, Hong Kong film Awards, 1985 for the rights arm of the Gods - Armour OF God
  • Best Picture, Hong Kong film Awards, 1988 for Rouge
  • Best Actor, Jackie Chan, golden Horse Awards, Taiwan, 1992 for policy story 3
  • Best Actor, Jackie Chan, golden Horse Awards, Taiwan, 1994 for hard ton
  • the Best on screen duo, Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker, MTV Movie Awards, 1999 for Rush Hour
  • Worst screen couple, Jackie Chan/Stallone/Goldberg, Razzie Awards 1999 for drive to hell, Hollywood


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