Jackson Browne

Jackson Browne (* 9. October 1948 in Heidelberg, Germany) is an US-American rock musician.

The son one in Germany stationed US soldier lives for his third Lebensjahr in Los Angeles. As dte rodents it learned guitar to play and was member in several volume. Into the 1960er years wrote it its first Songs. Beginning of the 1970er years was it one of the most important American singer-songwriters beside Joni Mitchell and James Taylor. Its most successful times were the 1970er and early 1980er years as everyone of its albums the American Top Ten reached.

In the 90's-years published only two new Studioalben, since Browne put in this time more value on it, before against the bad states, it on its albums actively something brought up for discussion to undertake. As a joint founder of the combination Musicians United For Safe Energy it stepped into so-called. NO Nukes concerts up, those and. A. occur against the atomic power production. Musical appearances found in this time frequently in the form of guest appearances z. B. with Bonnie Raitt and with various Benefizveranstaltungen instead of.

Jackson Browne is in Culver town center at home, a quarter of Los Angeles, however he lived his last Studioalbums before the publication in the year 2002 for approximately two years in the Spanish Barcelona, which he night in its Song The inside ME of 2002 briefly suggest (“May I should go bake tons of Spain”). Its meanwhile over 30-jährige operational readiness level in the music Business, while which he affected the Folk and Country skirt in America, became in the spring 2004 with the admission into the skirt and roll resound OF Fame appreciative.

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its hit

the Gefolgschaft of its trailers became larger since its debut album Jackson Browne, which contains its first Top Ten hit Doctor, my of eyes and with skirt ME on the more water a very beautiful Folk skirt Song, with each album and its metaphysical Graffitis (new musical express) found more and more acknowledgment. David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young called in the 80's-years Browne once “condemns best Songwriter in the today's America, with whose Songs one gets a goose skin”. Although Browne did not put on it necessarily on it hits to produce, had it a few charter sequence. It had its largest single hit with the Song Running on Empty, which was played also in the sound TRACK of the motion picture film Forrest Gump, when Tom Hanks undertook alias Forrest Gump its months continuous run across the USA. It wrote already four years before this US hit together with Glenn Frey the first hit of the Eagle Take it easy. The formulations of text of this Songs were so more clever that they were partly received into the American colloquial language (Rowohlt skirt encyclopedia). Further hits, which it wrote together with Frey and Don Henley for the Eagles was to Doolin' Dalton and James Dean. Large attention found also its Cover version of the Maurice Williams - to hit Stay (A little bits just more longer), which it played and accordingly text modified at the end of a concert for its Pubklikum; this Song appeared on its LP Running on empty and is today in Germany well-known as the original of 1960, not least because of the accompanying Falsetto - voice of David Lindley and for years an existing product advertising, which use this Song. With Somebody's baby it brought 1983 out still another considerable single, which was alluded in several motion picture films, among other things in the sound TRACK of the American cinema hit nearly of Time RK Ridgemont High with the young Sean Penn in the main role. But Browne did not see itself compelled to bring out on the occasion of this success equal a whole album. The single appeared only 14 years later in its first Best OF album. Center of the 80's-years, when the US TV serial Miami Vice was the most successful crime film series in the United States, it contributed its Song live one to a consequence into the balance , which also on one the Miami Vice Sampler was published.

its albums

rather Jackson Browne put from the beginning to value on the stimmige total concept of its albums. This it could never serve required with the bent listener something patience, of music friends, who prefer the superficial, fast produced ear worm, thereby. From recognized critics he received albums throughout for his Bestnoten. The “impressive greatness” (Rolling Stone) of its albums of the 70's-years brought in the prominent position for it in the Singer/Songwriter Gilde America.

Followed the already considerable debut album, which carries simply its name, with For Everyman the album with his personal version of the hit Take it easy. The two albums were still exceeded qualitatively in the third album Late for the sky. The Titelsong is to be heard in several times premium ores the motion picture film taxi Driver and belonged this very day on all its concerts to the obligation program.

In the year 1976 followed Brownes next album The Pretender, which expectations of its fans risen with each album fill again fulfilled. Jackson Browne spoke clientele” in this album of its '“, the memo three-winners in would avoid-run Crisis, from the soul and treated topics like the clean-out of a father son conflict, the search for the large love, and a “Gaukler” (The Pretender), which sinniert over its life and finally states the fact that its existence actually only out of rising, work goes, around in the evening to bed exists to then fall again exhausted and this condition urgently to change would like. “I will open myself to find a woman who brings, describes color into my colorless mark paying dreams (paint by NUMBERs dreams) " he his longings and those its generation in its remarkably graphic language. The album was classified in the Rowohlt skirt encyclopedia as a milestone LP of its class.

1977 succeeded to Browne then the large throw with the unusual album Runnung on empty. All Songs taken up on route, partly in the rooms of hotels, in those Browne logierte or on the way in the bus (Nothin' but time) and on the concerts themselves. The album captivates also by the successful mixture from pianolastigen emotional Songs such as Love needs A heart and Rosie and skirt “n” roll pieces such as You love the more thunder and. A. With the version of the Gary Davis Song Cocaine extremely succeeded however modified Lyrics it could gain from the sad topic drug still another ironical side and described the indifference to the drug consumption to lead can: “You take Sally, I take Sue, there's NO difference between the two” is called it at the beginning of the Songs, which finally ends with a warning of drug consumption with the lines: '“One says you is 27 years old, but that is impossible! If one you regards could one mine you was already 45 ". With this album it placed the shade sides of the tour life into the center, which does not evenly only consist of fun and the applause of the public. In the concert Live-admission of the Songs The load Out it deplores itself at the public over the tour stress and the long absence from at home: “We would remain gladly still with you and would continue to play, but we must drive loosely and the whole night through to the next concert to Chicago… or to Detroit? I do not know it at all, we play so many concerts during a tour and all cities look for us somehow directly. If the sun comes up tomorrow, in your city will wake up to it, but we our tour plan following thousand miles far away from here to arise. “The album reached multi-platinum status with so far copies sold over 7 million.

Just its up to then afterwards weakest album Hold Out regards became - Running favours on Empty by the look up-exciting predecessor album, which held itself 65 weeks rank 3 the albums Charts - to Brownes largest charter-follows and occupied in the year 1980 38 weeks long the 1. Place of the US-album-Charts, and which although on it not one Top Ten hit was. If Browne's albums of the 70's-years are coined/shaped by a certain timelessness, then Hold Out works today after over 20 years as only album somewhat antiquated. It was probably since that time one of the few genuine Singer/Songwriter albums, which conquered this point place without Top Ten hit, later rang to Michael Jackson one era, in which a LP without a Top Ten hit could conquer, hardly still point rank in the Charts. Hold Out was for Browne's image change a very important album however nevertheless. It moved away for the first time clearly audibly completely from its used Folk and Country Balladen, found however with this LP not yet finally its future orientation. For its fans of the first hour, that call to today its album Late for sky its best work, Hold Out was too pop annoying, for lovers of temporary music was not rockig enough it. But signaled Browne with the LP Lawyers following on it into love that it its text messages from now on with strong skirt to under-paint wanted.

With the album live one into the balance succeeded to it the completion of this development. Jackson Browne presented itself on the high point of its creativity. The album counted from the professional world to the best 100 ever appeared albums. The expression strength of its texts, the partial melodies peppered with Caribbean, South American and Spanish elements and above all its singing technology and its unmistakable tender-rough voice provided in particular in Europe for a renewed increase of its fan municipality, while with the trailer shank had this album in the USA success only average, probably, because many patriotically adjusted US fans appeared confronting the texts somewhat too. Browne took for the first time a clear political position and criticized themselves in several Songs of this LP the straight Reaganism in the United States, present at the high point, in violent, aggressive way. In Soldier OF plenty it complains on the Sinnlosigkeit of the war: “You (the government) measure the peace with weapons and the progress in megatons, A-E-I-O, it speaks as if would know their which for everyone is good, but which is well at which you did, what is well in a world, in which the war rages and which humans for the small things die, for a little corn and a few beans? Who stays, if your war is won? The soldier of the misfortune, with bad call and the soldier on strange soil. “In the Titelsong live one into the balance it continues to determine: “A government deceives its people and a country drifts into the war. One sells the war to us, on which way resembles as us cars and dresses is sold. Who are those, which publicise us the necessity for the war? There is not anyhow those, which must fight and die then in the war. The wars are delivered at places, whose name we does not even know. “In the Song For America he asks: “Faith parents, who sent your sons to Viet Nam, really that your life is protected, if the next war comes?” “To I go down or for six foot under the soil am appropriate”, promise he in its Song Till I go down, “I not the eyes will lock before the war drivers, the other people into the war send.” The album attained during 2. Iraq war again sad topicality. In addition, social focuses were topic of this album, which in the Songs Black and White and one the most successful Songs at all were appreciated of Lawless Avenues. Latter title told in styles of a modern west simmers story the fate of some course members in the roads of Los Angeles. Browne succeeded to draw it here in few sentences and a few sections of pictures, the problems of the young people in a Street course outlined, which no Happy end experienced. This Song is used even in other place in the Internet than didactic drama for Internet-supported English instruction, where it is contentwise analyzed.

With the album World in motion it continued 1989 the trend to commentate political bad states critically, however the predecessor album was not in qualitative regard any more to toppen. With The word justice, World in motion and When the stone begins ton turn arrive to him further above average good Songs. Latter Song he dedicated and demanded at that time to the still arrested Nelson Mandela fully missionary Ernst the liberty for South Africa and justice for Mandela: “I came here, in order to praise Mandela, and send the following message at its prison attendants: Perhaps your walls may keep this man imprisoned, but will be able them the movement initiated by him to never stop! In the meantime a new generation grows up, which will experience the day, on which this system zerbröckelt and breaks down. “

In the following 12 years only three further Studioalben appeared, whereby it succeeded to Browne also after over 30 years to conserve the quality of its Songs. One horcht still up, if the Jackson Browne matured in the meantime to the old master brings a new album out, however dedicated it in the newer albums again more private, feeling-stressed topics and practiced only isolates criticism at society and politics. In the Looking East - album deplores it the “information wars” (information Wars), which organize the media and which zudröhnen humans with a tide of information. The more message one, the less white one looks which outside in the world really happened reminds he and in the album The naked ride home counts he on the Bush regime off (Casino nation). Otherwise the soft and harmless topics outweigh, then it processes m Alive the separation from his life companion of many years, the actress Daryl Hannah in the album I `. The album contains several very beautiful Songs with Sky blue and black, Too many angels and Two OF ME, two OF you and is considered as its best album the more recent time since live ones into the balance.

In the years 2003 and 2004 Jackson Browne was nearly continuous on world tour, in the spring 2003 and autumn 2004 also in Germany (in each case in Berlin and Hamburg). It went last on solo Acoustic route, with which it spoke Songs from its rich repertoire on acclamation of the fans spontaneously alone without company on Akkustik guitar, key board and Piano. From this route first CD developed, a second part for 2006 was expected. Newest information on its Web Site it is to be taken that he completed concerts in Spain in this spring already again and further in Great Britain and Australia plans.

Altogether Jackson Browne published so far between 1972 and 2005 13 albums as well as two Best OF albums.


  • 1972 - Jackson Browne - with the Songs Jamaica say you wants, Doctor my eyes and skirt ME on the more water.
  • 1973 - For Everyman - with the Songs Take it easy and thesis days.
  • 1974 - Late for the Sky - with the Songs Late for the Sky and For A Dancer.
  • 1976 - The Pretender - with the Songs Here comes those tears again and The Pretender.
  • 1978 - Running on Empty - with the Songs Running on Empty, Cocaine and Stay.
  • 1980 - Hold out - with the Songs OF MISSING person and call it A loan.
  • 1983 - Lawyers in Love - with the Songs Lawyers in Love, tender is the Night and For A Rocker.
  • 1986 - Live into the balance - with the Songs Soldier OF Plenty, into the Shape OF A Heart and live one into the balance.
  • 1989 - World in Motion - with the Songs World in Motion, Chasing you into the Light and Anything CAN happen.
  • 1993 - I'm Alive - with the Songs My problem is you, Everywhere I go and Sky Blue and Black.
  • 1996 - Looking East - with the Songs Looking East, baby how long and Alive into the world.
  • 1997 - The NEXT Voice You Hear - The best OF Jackson Browne - with the Songs The NEXT Voice You Hear , Somebody´s baby and The Rebel Jesus not published yet before on CD.
  • 2002 - The Naked Ride Home - with the Songs The Naked Ride Home, The Night inside ME and Sergio Leone.
  • 2004 - The Very Best OF Jackson Browne - double CD with the classical authors Take It Easy, thesis Days (both up-improved in relation to the original admission klanglich audibly) and the hit live one in The balance, tender Is The Night and Lawless Avenues uva.
  • 2005 - Solo Acoustic, volume. 1 - with the Songs The Barricades OF Heaven, The Birds OF pc. Marks and Fountain OF Sorrow.


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