Jackson pole LOCK

Jackson pole LOCK (* 28. January 1912 in Cody, Wyoming; † 11. August 1956 into jumping East Hampton, New York) was an US-American painter. Its style direction ranks to the Action Painting as well as among the abstract expressionism (AmericanAbstract Painting).

Jackson pole LOCK is one of the important artists 20. Century. It had not only on the American but also on the European art influence. Pole LOCK created in only few years, i.e. in the time between 1946 and1951, an amazingly closed and extraordinarily innovative work. It studied art at the manual kind High School, Los Angeles, and in New York at the kind Students' League. His there teacher, Thomas hard Benton, belonged to the so-calledRegionalists, which painted naturalistisch and itself as people near understood. Pole LOCKs early work were clearly affected by its teacher Benton as well as the works of the Mexican Muralisten (popular Wandmalereien). Pole LOCK argument with the European modern trend, which Kubismus extended like the Surrealismus,the spectrum of the influences, without he found to his own style.

In particular the experience of the work of Pablo Picasso determined its painting over a longer phase end of the 1930er and the early 1940er years. Pole LOCK painted in this timewide, expressive pictures with indigenen motives. Similarly as the Kubismus of Braque and Picasso of the “primitive” and/or. original forms of the African Sklulptur, referred pole LOCK goes out to indianische and Inuit (Eskimo) motives. Interested it nevertheless in his argument with C.G. Young primarily the view, the unconscious is the source of the art. In the mythologischen, istic stic indications of the Indians he saw the connection of unconscious one and artistic expression, meant by young. A role for the argument with the indianischen artobviously the exhibition played „Indian kind OF the United States “in the museum OF decaying kind 1941. With the 1943 developed pictures the Wölfin (museum OF decaying kind, New York) and the guardians of the secret (museum OF kind, San Francisco), brought individual indications on the canvas, which seemed freely scattered to pole LOCK. There is concentrated pictures, which express the sum of its artistic and subjective experiences of the last years. The picture marks the turning point to its abstract Hauptwerk“Birth” (Birth) of 1941. Here dominated the motive of a Inuitmaske and formally possesses it still another proximity to Picasso, but the z. T. thickens pasty color order anticipates already material aspects of its later works. Above all pole LOCK succeeds in„Birth “a continuous rhythm, that is characteristic for its Hauptwerk.

1942 beteiligt er sich in New York an der International Surrealist Exhibition und hat Kontakt zu den späteren Malern der „New Yorker Schule“, u.a. William de Kooning and Robert MON-ago-wave. One year later closes the Galeristin Peggy Guggenheim with it a contract and issues pole LOCKs of works. These are oriented at this time clearly surrealistisch and follow the Écriture automatique, one their intention after automatic replaced from the willPainting, with which the internal world of the artist is to be reflected. Over this pictorial attitude Jackson pole LOCK finally arrives at its completely personal style. It turns off from the Figurativen, in addition, all elements, which can possess purchases to the reality.Starting from 1946 pole LOCK developed the Dripping technology (it lets color drip and flow on the canvas lying on the soil, pours, blows up and primes, so that structures, rhythms and samples from color splashes and - rivers to form; Jackson carries the color oftenno more with a brush up, but lets it flow from a hole in the soil of a color box). With these paintings Jackson writes itself pole LOCK into the history of art and becomes one of the most important American artists of the modern trend. ItsPictures live on the contrast and want to express the contradictory contrast of body and soul thereby. As is the case for all artists of the Action Painting the manufacturing process of the work of art stands in the foreground, the artist turns out thereby completely into the background.

The workare perfectly free, and it is also the mark act, which admits this style of the abstract expressionism in such a way made. With this technology of the Action Painting pole LOCK created complex, into one another verwobene color structures, like in cathedral (1947, museum OF Fine kind, Dallas).

Starting from 1950 its style changed itself again: Pole LOCK created large compositions in black-and-white, covered white canvases this way and that with brown and black color lines. To the works the depth (museum jump, Long Iceland) belongs to this last creative period. After1951 developed hardly still works and starting from 1953 pole LOCK returned again to brush work and the figurativen painting. Toward end of the yearly 1954 pole LOCK painting gave up. 1956 he died, strongly angetrunken, with a car accident. It is until today a myth of the new American painting remained.

Jackson pole LOCK is considered as a most important abstract expressionist of the USA. It ranks among the current of the Action Painting. Works of Jackson pole LOCK are in the large museums of the USA and Europe. Its own work without model succeeded to it. It contributed to the fact that the North American modern trend cut its navel cord to Europe.

To 17. May 2005 was reported that into New Yorker depots 32 unknown paintings of Jackson pole LOCKto have been found are. The expenditure for on-line of the time writes for this: “… The film author Alex of matte, the pole LOCK since its childhood knew, because his father, who gets used to photographer and diagram designer harsh ore of matte, for a long time with pole LOCK and its Mrs. Lee Krasnerwas, wants the pictures before two years in the deduction of his father to have discovered. The pieces of find were hit in brown wrapping paper and were beside personal documents, photographies and works of Philip Guston and Willem de Kooning in a New Yorker one Depot, reported to matte in New York. 22 the typical Pollock Drip Paintings as well as ten email pictures and studies schlummerten there, since its father the works 1958 in the depot of a forwarding business in East Hampton, Long Iceland stored… “. The found pictures are considered asSensation of the contemporary history of art.

works, exemplary selection

1941 Birth

1946 Eyes into the Heat

1946 Shimmering Substance

1947 meteor

of 1949 NUMBERs 8

1950 Lavendelblauer nebulas

1950 number 32


“marks is a soul condition….Painting is self experience. Each good artist paints, which it is. “

“I make myself nothing from the label abstract expressionism. ”

“An empty can merges two m to a cord of or, bores a small hole into the soil, fillsthe box with liquid color. Let the box at the end of a cord over a flatlying canvas and swing. The box leads by movements of the hands, the arms, the shoulder and the whole body. In this way tröpfeln surprising lineson the canvas. The play of the association can begin then. “

“Only if I lose the contact to the painting, come out muck thereby. Otherwise however it is pure harmony, easy giving and taking, and then a good painting develops. “

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