Jacky Wong

Jacky James Wong (* 1954 in Hong Kong) is a German Bodybuilder, actor and an entrepreneur of Chinese origin. It has training as a diploma haven teacher of the combat haven art with the abilities Taekwondo, Tong Szau, Wing Tsun, boxes, bodybuilding, art doing gymnastics, riding and shooting. It is CEO of the Wong Dynasty successful in Hong Kong and Germany (in particular Baden-Wuerttemberg ).

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it opened the first Fitness Studio in Heidelberg. There it developed also those in the meantime very well-known Aerobic/Kampfsportart Jack Bo. In March 2006 it opened a further Fitnessstudio in Heidelberg tubing brook. Rumor way is besides the establishment of a Solarienkette named Jack LINE planned.

Briefly he worked as private Fitnesstrainer among other things for Ottfried Fischer, Sandy of the NO Angels and Harald Schmidt.

Jacky Wong is medium shy and for it well-known that he lives extremely withdrawn and does not carry his private life outward. In an interview with Hong Kong Vogue from April 2005 it admitted itself to the fact that that established 1995 in Hong Kong children's home „Luang Prabang “by it was donated. It is assumed that this stands to engage itself in connection with its plans, in the policy of Hong Kong.

It had become quiet last around it. Its last television appearance was a guest appearance in the pool of broadcasting corporations series of the investigators (radiated: 26. September 2005) where it one of its parade roles, which, gave charismatischen rogue.

matches (bodybuilding)

  • vice-master Ba-Wü 1992
  • 7. internat. Dt. Master 1993
  • 4. Dt. Master 1994
  • Mister Hong Kong 1996
  • vice- Mister Hong Kong 1997
  • 3. Mister Ergoline 1998


of Jacky Wong already played several roles in following films and series:

  • Left into the fist of death (direction: Left-Chen; Film only in China) Jacky
  • in file reference XY appeared… unresolved (direction: Thomas Pauli)
  • Chen in Superbruno (direction: Lennard Krawinkel)
  • sing in the investigators (direction: Mathias Schnelting)
  • Jacky Wong in the bull of Tölz (direction: Jörg Grünler)
  • Jacky Wong in Marienhof (direction: Rainer blade foot)
  • Kapo into the roads of Berlin (direction: Thorsten Näther)
  • Jacky Wong in the moon seems also for subtenant (direction: Dieter Kehler)
  • Jacky Wong in Tin dei hung SAM (direction: Gordon Chan; in Hong Kong and the USA, titles appeared there: Heaven Earth Great ambition)
  • Jacky Wong in the investigators (direction: ?)
  • Jacky Wong in sunlight in the rice digester (direction: Strike Chung; Film only in China appeared)

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