Jacob Gilboa

Yehuda Jacob Gilboa (* 2. May 1920 in Košice/Slowakei) was born as Erwin gold mountain and is an Israeli composer.

Gilboa lived in Vienna, where he received piano training. 1938 it emigrierte to Palestine, where it studied first in Haifa at Institut for technology. Starting from 1944 it studied valley and Paul Ben Haim at the music academy of Jerusalem with Josef. Coining/shaping for its style the participation in the courses for new music in Cologne became 1963 and 1964 under Karl Heinz stick living and Henri Pousseur. Its most well-known work are 12 Jerusalemer Glasfenster of Chagall for voices and instruments. In addition it composed thistles for chamber ensemble, Pastelle for two pianos, the Klaviersuite filters small insects and The Grey Colours OF Käthe Kollwitz for Mezzosopran, chamber orchestras and tape.


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