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Jacob Ludwig Karl Grimm (also: Carl), (* 4. January 1785 in Hanau; † 20. September 1863 in Berlin) was German spoke - and literature scientist as well as lawyer and is considered as a founder of the Germans Philology and antiquity science.

Personal record and work were closely connected with those of his younger brother William, on which the often used designation of brothers Grimm refers to.

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Jacob Grimm spent its youth in Steinau, where its father had been shifted 1791 as an office man and then William visited the Lyzeum in Kassel starting from 1798 with his brother. it was written 1802 at that University of Marburg , where it studied law with Savigny. By its quite-historical research as well as by Wachlers lectures meanwhile its attention more was directed toward the historical development of the German language and literature. As Savigny 1804 because of scientific research (concerning thatRoman right in the Middle Ages) to Paris went, let it Grimm soon there follow. This became however soon the legal studies überdrüssig and showed in letters that he wanted to in the future rather dedicate himself to the old-German literature.

In September 1805 after Kassel, the residence of its nut/mother, returned, attained it a post with „the Kriegskollegium ", had to separate however still before expiration of one year, since this authority was dissolved. After the death of the nut/mother it had to nourish 1808 the family and got oneEmployment as a librarian Jérômes, the king of Westphalen, and was appointed in February 1809 in addition the assessor in the Council of State. It used the leisure, which to him the official business left, on the study of the old-German poetry and language. Since 1806he had collected together with his brother William fairy tale, which was now worked on and given change.

After re-establishment of the cure principality Hessen Grimm lost its place as a private librarian of the king Jérôme, however to the diplomatic service of the returned cure prince was transferred. 1814/15if it was active as cure-hessian Legationssekretär with the Viennese a congress, then short time in Paris to negotiations over the feedback of robbed art treasures to Hessen and Prussia. In this time it began with the study of the slawischen languages. it took its to 1815Parting as a diplomat, in order to in the future only dedicate itself to literature history and Sprachforschung. One year later he became a second librarian at the library Kassel (his brother William 1814 were there secretary become).

As the brothers 1829 after deaththe upper librarian not as, looked around they were expected carried for a new position.1830 received Jacob Grimm a Professur at the University of Goettingen. Here it became 1837 as a co-author of the protest „of the Göttinger filters of “itsOffice relieved and the country referred.1841 it followed the call of the Prussian king Friedrich William IV. to Berlin and member of the Prussian Academy of Sciences with the right became to hold lectures. In the Frankfurt national assembly it had 1848as a delegate an honour place.

Up to its death he taught over 20 years at the Humboldt university to Berlin and worked there together with its brother on its German dictionary, which the entire again-high-German vocabulary, so far he into thatWorks from Luther to Goethe is contained, to state should.

Together with his brother William it is considered as a founder of the Germanic antiquity sciences, the Germanic linguistics and the German philology. Contributions as “over the German master singing” may apart from the research Apply for Karl of laughter man as the first solid stocktakings of older German literature. For the penetration of its positions Jacob Grimm maintained a quite aggressive, in any case konfrontativen science style, which did not shrink from the Polemik and also personal reviling of competitors. To that“Establishment myths” of the subject German philology and/or. Germanistik belongs for instance to the so-called. “Science war” against Friedrich Heinrich of the Hagen and Johann G. G. Büsching.

Both brothers Grimm became famous by their common collection „child and house fairy tales of the brothers Grimm “(2 Bde., 1812-1815) and by the work on „the German dictionary “(starting from 1838, 1. Bd. 1854). Jacob Grimm formulated 1822 the first sound law, which describes „ the first sound shift “. In anglo-saxon countries this is well-known since that time as Grimm's Law.

Over the article” fruit “of the German dictionary died Jacob Grimm to 20. September 1863. It became in an honour grave on the old pc. - Matthäus Kirchhof in Berlin beautiful mountain bestattet.

Parts of the deduction (as for example books of its library with side remarks) lie in the state libraryto Berlin - Prussian culture possession (SBB-PK). After it the Jacob Grimm school is designated in Kassel.

To the common work with his brother William see brothers Grimm.


of Hauptwerke

  • German grammar, 1819
  • German Rechtsaltertümer, 1828
  • Weisthümer, 7 volumes, Goettingen 1840-1872
  • German mythology, 1835, 2 Bd. Reprint 2003, more fourier, Bd.1 1044 S., Bd.2 540 S., ISBN 3-932412-24-9
  • history of the German language, 1848

further one of works

  • over the old-German master singing; Goettingen 1811
  • Ad auspicia professionis philosophiae ordinariae in Academia Georgia Augusta would guess/advise capienda invitat Jacobus Grimm, phil. et jur. utr. doctor academiae bibliothecarius etc. etc., Inest hymnorum veteris ecclesiae XXVI. interpretatio theotisca nunc primum edita, Gottingae sumtibus DieterichianisMDCCCXXX


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