Jacobus bag man

Jacobus Sackmann in zeitgenössischer Darstellung
Jacobus bag man in contemporary representation

Jacobus bag man (* 13. February 1643 in Hanover (Calenberger new city), † 23. May 1718 in Limmer), actually Jacobus Sackman, frequently also Jobst bag man, was a German Evangelist theologian, admits for its flat-German lectures.

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as a son of a Fleischermeisters and a church chief into the Calenberger new city bag man the latin school and the High School Illustre in Bremen, visited with Hanover born . It studied 1665-67 in Jena theology and became 1680 minister to the Nikolaikirche in Limmer, a village with Hanover. Bag man became famous by his lectures held in the Calenberger flat, whose joke and Deftigkeit became ruchbar in the hannoverschen yard circles even. The contemporary Abraham A Santa Claras preached like his Viennese colleague with “people voice”, thus no sheet took before the mouth and practiced criticism both at bad states in church and state and at the custom purge from simple and high-standing people.

“I have from hertzen laughed at the beautiful preach of village Pfaff”, write for instance the cure princess Sophie 17. August 1710 to its niece Liselotte of the Pfalz (“your Liebdgen”, E.L.) to Paris; “it surprises me that E.L. also coriositet did not have to hear the eloquenten pfaffen. But I find a little too hard its to apostrophes; one can probably verzeyen it a little, but approximately Anton Ulrich heart-pulled respect to be missing, the earned alss harder tautly gelt, darauff, deucht to me, rushes one it cantzel to forbid is… “

today reminds Gedenkstein forwards “its” Nikolaikirche in Limmer to this original representative of its church. There by the way also the original way of writing of the name is to find - with a “n”, since there were not the double consonants during its lifetimes yet.


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  • Unziemliche high and down-German lectures of the Jacobus Sackman. Hrsg. and with an epilog provide from Reimer Hansen. Breese in the break: Hansen 1982. (Breeser of sheets. 4)


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