Jacobus de Voragine

Jacobus de Voragine, also Jacobus A Voragine powerplant. also “Varagine”, Jacobus there Voragine, German: Jakob von Vorago (* around 1230 in Vorago, today Varazze with Genova; † 13. July or 14. July 1298 in Genova) was archbishop and churches of Latin writers.

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it occurred 1244 the Dominikanerorden and became already 1266 professor of theology. He was a outstanding speaker, worked as Wanderprediger and taught in the medal schools. From 1267 to 1278 and from 1281 to 1286 he was Provinzial of the Lombardei. it smoothed 1286 on behalf of Pope Honorius IV. in Genova the disputes between the Guelfen and Ghibbelinen.

He was selected 1288 to the archbishop of Genova, began the office however only 1292 . It is bestattet in Genova under the main altar of the Dominikanerkirche.


it became 1816 of Pius VII. as „peacemakers “ blessedly spoken. Its anniversary is the 13. July.


  • Sermones de sanctis de tempore
  • Defensorium versus impugnantes Frates Praedicatores
  • summary virtutum et vitiorum
  • De operibus et opusculis Santi Augustini
  • chronicle of Genova
  • Legenda sanctorum, also Legenda aurea or Historia lombardica

between 1263 and 1273 he wrote the late Legenda aurea - golden one legends latin mentioned work, a legend collection over the holy ones.

Recent latin total expenditure placed Th. Graesse 1846 together. It covers approx. 900 sides. Characteristic of the text is simple latin, which lends the typical legend character to it. The work can be considered as model to legends with its simple telling style.

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