Jacquerie becomes a rebellion of the farmers in the France 14. Century mentioned.

France had to fight with the consequences of the hundred-year of war against England and with the effect of numerous plague epidemic diseases. Also king was Johann II. kidnapped after the battle with Maupertuis 1356 by the Englishmen.

The Jacquerie in Froissarts chronicle

cause of the rebellion was devastations, which Karl the bad from Navarra in the surroundings of Paris arranged and which particularly hard met the farmer conditions. In February 1358 those rose Paris trades under the Prévot Etienne Marcel against the aristocracy. Its successes encouraged the farmers to likewise rise against their Peiniger it the repair of their among other things oppressed on the hardest free and from the Englishmen devastated possessions by the farmers required. They put thereby hundreds of locks in debris and ash, murdered noblemen and committed numerous atrocities.

Finally the knights of all parties and it agreed succeeded to them to suffocate the movement. They took terrible revenge at the rebels. Consequently the area remained northeast from Paris on long decades completely devastated and also the aristocracy lived still centuries later in fear of a repetition of these events.

The name Jacquerie leads itself from the mockery name Jacques Bonhomme, which the noblemen added to the farmer, ago. After others the leader, Caillet, this surname, had which one transferred then to all farmers.


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