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Jacques Romain Georges Brel (* 8. April 1929 in Schaarbeek (Belgium), † 9. October 1978 in Bobigny, France) was a französischsprachiger Chansonnier (Chanson singer) and actor.

It embodied like hardly otherwise the French chanson, although it actuallyfrom Belgium originated. Its timeless songs, its fulminanten stage appearances, its unusual resolution to terminate the singer career at their high point and its later, nearly complete retreat from the public, made him already lifetimes a myth, which exists until today.

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Brel lived an unencumbered childhood in the atmosphere of the Belgian Bourgeoisie. Its parents were in Brussels quarters the Schaarbeek owners of a cardboard box factory, which he should take over once. With 25Years left Jacques Brel its wife and three daughters, in order to live its life, how it behagte it: freely, freely, excessive and with its music. It hardly intonierte its songs with a passion, like another.

The Chansonnier came 1953 to Paris and steppedthere in the consequence in different Cabarets up, so also for the first time 1954 in the Olympia. Its first Gala as a star of the program it had seven years later. 1961 he became acquainted with here the accordionists Jean Corti, who Brels work lent further impulses. 1964 steppedBrel again in the Olympia with new chansons in the footlights. 1967 was it in New York into the Bühnenshow Jacques Brel is alive and waves and living in Paris to experience. 1968 it gastierte only in Brussels and afterwards in Paris.

Jacques Brel was starting from endthe 1950er years of one of the interpreters of the chanson belonged usually and wrote over 500 songs. In its partly socialcritical texts it prangerte on hate and unfairness. He bought a sailing boat to beginning/in the middle of the 1970er and established themselves 1976 in French Polynesien. The chain smoker deceased duringa stay for disk photographs in France at cancer of the lungs.

It is buried on the island Hiva OAU in French Polynesien, only few meters far away from the grave Paul Gauguins.

“In the long run believes I that, whatever he says Jacques Brel all humans loves. It is muchgenerously, but he does everything, in order to hide it. He is Belgian, but it is much more south countries. It must strike on the table, if it is zornig, and if he says that it embraces someone, then must it its arms far open. “ (Georges Brassens)

Jacques Brels of Chanson texts and - melodies cover different tendencies of frivolous - omitted up to melancholisch or reminding off, but even the songs, which sing from separation, have still another ironical-hopeful resemblance. A quotation from les blés, in that it around the Getreideerntegoes:

Les blés sont pour la faucille
Le soleil pour l'horizon
les garçons sont pour les filles
et les filles pour les garçons
(German:The grain is for Sichel//die sun for Horizont//die boy is for Mädchen//und the girls for the boys)

its largest successes

  • Quand on n'a que l'amour
  • La valse à mille temps
  • Le plat pays
  • Amsterdam
  • Ne ME pas Les
  • Flamandes [
work on] of works


work on] quitte


  • 1953 : First single brought in in Brussels: La Foire/Il y A
  • 1954 : First album: Jacques Brel et ses chansons
  • 1957 : Quand on n'a que l'amour, Heureux Pardons,…
  • 1958 : Ne per sais pas, outer ones printemps,…
  • 1958 : Plate for the magazine Marie Claire with L'introduction à la Nativité and L'Évangileselon Luc saint
  • 1959 : La valse à mille temps, Ne ME quitte pas, t'aime per, Isabelle, La mort,…
  • 1961 : Marieke, Le moribond,…
  • 1962 : Olympia d'octobre 1961
  • 1963 : Les Bigotes, Les vieux, La Fanette,…
  • 1964 : Jef, Les drop, Mathilde, Amsterdam, Le more dernier repas,…
  • 1964 : Olympia 1964
  • 1965 : Ces gene là, Fernande,…
  • 1967 : 67 Mon enfance, À comprenant jeun,…
  • 1968 : Vesoul, L'éclusier,…
  • 1970 : L'Homme de la Mancha
  • 1972 : Retakes of older chansons
  • 1977 : Les Marquises


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