Jacques Ibert

Jacques François Antoine Ibert (* 15. August 1890 in Paris; † 5. February 1962 in Paris) was a French composer.


it studied 1910 to 1914 at the Paris Conservatoire and. A. with Paul Vidal. During the study he worked as Klavierimprovisator at silent movie performances. 1919 it became carrier of the desired Prix de Rome (Rome price). Before and after the Second World War he was a director of the French academy in Rome. 1955 it functioned as an administrative manager of both Paris opera houses.

in addition,

work its stylistic no clear direction of associated works particularly of a Igor Strawinsky is in the early period ajar against the Groupe of the Six, shows influence by the Impressionismus as well as the Neoklassizismus. Prevailing is elegant, every now and then somewhat smoothly working Virtuosität.

Work selection:

  • Several operas (and. A. “Angelique”, 1927) as well as together with Arthur Honegger the Operette “Les Petites Cardinales “(1938)
  • approximately 60 Filmmusiken
  • of orchestra works, and. A.:
    • Escales (1920-22)
    • Divertissement (1930)
    • Symphonie navy (1931)
    • flute concert (1934)
    • Concertino there camera f. Old saxophone and 11 instruments (1935)
    • bad clay/tone IANA (1955)
    • Hommage à Mozart (1955)
    • Bacchanale (1956)
  • chamber music, and. A.:
    • Histoires f. Piano (starting from 1910; among them the often worked on “Le petit âne brightly” - “the small white donkey”)
    • Jeux, Sonatine f. Flute and. Piano (1923)
    • Trois of pièces brèves f. Bläserquintett (1930)
    • Entr'acte f. Flute and guitar (1937)
    • Deux Interludes f. Flute, violin and harp (1946)

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