Jacques Lipchitz

Jaques Lipschitz und seine Frau, porträtiert von Amedeo Modigliani
Jaques Lipschitz and its wife, porträtiert from Amedeo Modigliani

Jacques Lipschitz, actually Chaim Yak-off Lipschitz, (* 22. August 1891 in Druskieniki, Lithuania; † 16. May 1973 on Capri) was one the invention-richest French Plastikern 20. Century.

1909 he came to conclusion of the professional school with the help of his nut/mother to Paris, where he studied to the Ecole de Beaux Kind and to the Académie Julien.

1913 developed - affects Diego Rivera by Pablo Picasso and by the friendship with the Mexican artist - first cubist works, which he arranged however still in the frontal opinion.

Only 1915 succeeded it to it, the simultaneousness of the opinions to arrange the all-round opening in relation to the area and the new structure from independent form complexes.

1919 changed its style, the work contained a larger unrest or zigzag - for lines. In the 20's Lipschitz approached organic, softly swung forms on, which remind of idolhafte Monumente and to moved baroque things developed themselves further.


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