Jacques Maritain

Jacques Maritain (* 18. November 1882 in Paris; † 28. April 1973 in Toulouse) was a French philosopher.

During its study to the Sorbonne came he with ideas of Thomas's von Aquin into contact, that in the center of most its, and became catholic 1906 stand for numerous publications. Topics from the Metaphysik, the moral teachings as well as the social and politics policy employed him time life. Maritain is considered as one the leader of the Neuthomismus - and that, although he always resisted, „Neuthomist “to be called.

Into the 1930er years was it occasionally to guest lectures in the USA . With outbreak of the Second World War it decided to remain in North America. He taught new jersey in Toronto Canada, to the Princeton University in Princeton, and to the Columbia University in New York town center. After the Second World War he was a French Ambassador with the holy chair and participated in the text of the UN-Menschenrechtscharta. From 1948 to 1960 and taught he lived as a emeritierter professor to the Princeton University and returned afterwards to France. Ashis Mrs. Ende of 1960 died, lived he up to his death in a monastery.

The large acknowledgment, which acquired itself Maritain in the USA, documents itself in at the University OF Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, the USA existing Jacques Maritain center.


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