Flighter pilot

a flighter pilot is a pilot of a fighter.

Many of the early flight pioneers, who had contributed before the First World War to the development of aviation, like z. B. Adolphe Pégoud or Roland Garros, became in the First World War flighter pilots.

The requirements at flighter pilots were always somewhat higher compared with those at pilots of other military aircraft. One of the reasons was that particularly in the past of the flighter pilots usually the only crew member of its airplane was - into the 1960ern frequently a second man was only added due to the rising complexity of on-board radar and rocket weaponry. A further reason is the high maneuverability of fighters, which can cause high physical loads in the employment.

The training of a military pilot required 250 - 400 flying hours in the Second World War. At Luftwaffe this number fell under a lack at pilots, by the allied air superiority and toward end of the war also by the lack at Flugbenzin on approx. 120 hours. The training of the flighter pilots suffered thereby z. B. by the omission of the blind flight training.

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