Jakob Becker

Jakob Becker (* 15. March 1810 in Dittelsheim with Worms; † 22. December 1872 in Frankfurt/Main) was a painter, Radierer and Lithograph.

First training received Becker with today the no more did not admit painter Franz Nikolaus young in Worms. With 17 years Becker in the Vogel institute for art in Frankfurt began as a Lithograph. Here it created its first large work, a precise representation of the Rhine panorama from Mainz to Cologne. Becker the Düsseldorfer academy of arts visited from 1833 to 1841, its teachers was Johann William Schirmer and William of Schadow. 1842 he became a professor for category - and landscape painting at Städel Kunstinstitut in Frankfurt.

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artistic development

after its lithographic beginnings in Frankfurt dedicated itself to Becker in its Düsseldorfer time only the landscape painting and ignored then to the historical subject and supplied some representations from the alttestamentlichen book Tobias. Few romantic attempts followed. After the fact it recognized that the category painting is its actual profession. Its first more well-known category picture was the farmer family praying for an eye-ill nut/mother. Its in 19. Century of very popular Hauptwerke, which it created in its Frankfurt time is: the Märchenerzählerin, the recruit parting, the returning Krieger, both game contactors, the dear request, the Schmollenden, home coming of the Kirchgang, returning Schnitter, killed the shepherd by lightning (1844) (in the barn Frankfurt), land people on the field see their village been by lightning in to fire (new Pinakothek Munich), the meeting. Meyers encyclopedia of 1890 judged of Beckers style: „Its design is correct and certainly, the color suffers however at weight and dryness. “Its style affected and. A. the painters of the Kronberger painter colony. In Frankfurt Becker was in demand and estimated also as haven guessing painters. One of its effect-strongest pupils was Heinrich Hasselhorst.


its place of birth Dittelsheim honours his most famous son with a road, which is at the local exit direction gau or home in a development area.


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