Jakob Heine

Jakob Heine (* 16. April 1800 in loud brook, Black Forest; † 12. November 1879 in CAN place) was a physician and discoverer of the spinalen child paralysis.

Jakob Heine
Jakob Heine

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life and work

a latedestined will physician

Jakob Heine becomes to 16. April 1800 as a son of a restaurant operator/barkeeper and a sacristan in loud brook born. Against the desirethe father wants it ministers to become and takes as 22Jähriger in Rottweil the maturity examination. it goes to 1823 to peppering castle, where its uncle Johann George Heine operates an orthopedic institute. Jakob Heine changes to the medicine and closes after four years 1827 with a thesisoff.

physician and institute leader in CAN place

Jakob leave 1829 peppering castle and open in CAN place (with Stuttgart) a specialist practice as an orthopedist. It is so successful, it already 1830 - thus as dreissigjähriger one - the honour citizen of the city CAN place is appointed. In one particularlyHeine establishes acquired and developed house the first orthopedic institute on württembergischem soil, in which he treats soon patients out completely Europe. Its special field are backbone curvatures, becoming lumpy feet and paralyses of the arms and legs. Apart from the orthopedic treatment with apparatuses it sets also on gymnastic andBaths in the Cannstatter mineral water (today bath CAN place). One of the children from the 1831 closed marriage with Henriette Ludovike Camerer (1807-1884) is Carl William Heine (1838-1877), the one of the most important European surgeons 19. Century becomes. Since 1854 Jakob Heine carries the title of nobility as carrier of theMedal of the württembergischen crown.

the discovery of the spinalen child paralysis

as Assistenzarzt in peppering castle is already interested Heine in illnesses of the joints and bones. In CAN place it researches in this area further and publishes 1840 a book with the title observations concerning paralysis conditionsthe lower extremities and their treatment. Which it describes, it calls child paralysis in the second edition of 1860 Spinale. Thus Jakob Heine of the discoverers of this illness is and becomes with good reason in the Polio resounds to OF Fame in warm jumps (Georgia)with a Bronzebüste honoured. The Swedish physician and researcher OSCAR media (1847-1927), which the epidemic character the illness recognize, ties to the realizations Heines. Therefore the further designation of the child paralysis than Heine Medin illness agitates beside Poliomyelits.

the last years

1865Jakob Heine goes into the retirement. Since he does not find a successor, this is also end of the orthopedic institute. Heine dies to 12. November 1879 and is buried at the Uff Kirchhof in CAN place. In its place of birth loud brook becomes it 1971 a Gedenktafel (together with itsUncle Johann George) dedicated.


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