Jakob I. (Bathe)

Mark count Jakob I. of bathing (* 15. March 1407 in Hachberg; † 13. October 1453 in Mühlburg) governed the Mark county bathing 1431 - 1453.

Jakob I. is from bathing the firstborn son of Mark count Bernhard I. of bathing and Anna von Oettingen.

Jakob I. was very religious and as a church founder well-known, therefore its children enjoyed also a strictly religious education. It donated the monastery Fremersberg and help the pin church Baden-Baden to a higher meaning.

Jakob I. the opposite of its father was, EneaSilvio de Piccolomini characterized it in such a way: “Ways of its justice and intelligence under the Germans famous”.

In recent years he was manager of the possessions in high mountain, until he came in the age of 24 years to the government of bathing. He was a contentious knight,economical national father and as mediators among the princes likes. Both emperors Siegmund and Friedrich III., under stretch it served, estimated it.

When its sister Agnes in the controversy over the succession, due to a Frühgeburt fled, the Mark count Ansprüche in Schleswig lost. It was annoyedover it so much, he the Agnes in the consequence time of their life in Ebersteinburg interned. The incident went into history as: The twin fall of Gottorf .

When the Sponheimer contract steps 1437 into force, he received possessions to the Mosel. For 30.000 He bought 1442 , from the descendants of walter von Geroldseck, to guldens half of the rule Lahr and meal mountain.

He married to 25. July 1422 Katharina of Lorraine. From this connection the following children followed:


  • Rudolf, illegitimate son
Ruine Hohenbaden
ruin high bathing

after the defaults of its father should not be applicable no more as 2 sons than an inheriting of the market county, then it came that only Karl and Bernhard received lay training and all other children oneenjoyed strictly religious education. George returned, after he was in recent years already in the religious conditions, from this at short notice to the lay conditions, but 1454 it returned then to the religious conditions, in order to finally become in Metz bishop.

It had its master seaton the castle high bathing highly over the thermal baths of the city Baden-Baden. During its reign it extended the castle to the lock also over 100 very representative areas. The received ruin can be visited today.

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