Jakob IV. (Scotland)

Jakob IV.

Jakob IV. (English. James IV; * 17. March 1473 probably in the Stirling Castle; † 9. September 1513 with Flodden, Northumberland) was from 1488 to its death king of Scotland. It became as an oldest son of Jakob III. and its wife Margarete of Denmark born. It was praised later than the most capable king, Scotland ever had. Under its rule the country recovered from the constant wars of the past centuries.

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he came in the age of 15 years on the throne, after his unpopular father Jakob III. at the 11. June 1488 in the battle killed by Sauchieburn was. The coronation/culmination took place to 24. June in Scone, Perthshire. ThoseRebel, itself against the Jakobs III. conspire had, regarded its son as Galionsfigur. When the young successor realized that he had played an indirect role with the death of his father, he decided, to punish itself for this sin. From this day on carried around the waist,directly on the skin, a heavy iron chain as constant memory.

Jakob IV. proved soon as capable rulers. It struck down 1489 a further rebellion and broke to 1493 finally the power of the Macdonald clan, the lord OF the Isles. It was very educated and itit was maintained that he speak ten languages flowing (Scots, English, Gälisch, latin, French, German, Italian, Flämisch, Spanish and Danish). It is considered as a last Scottish monarch, who spoke Gälisch flowing.

The economy animated itself obviously andScotland experienced a cultural bloom, which tied to the Renaissance on the continent. He exchanged Ambassadors with all monarchies of the continent, surrounded themselves gladly with representatives of the arts and sciences and promoted the pressure art. In a difficult time it was more successfully relating to domestic affairs with regard to foreign policy,however rather awkward king. For political reasons he married Margaret Tudor, the daughter of the English king Heinrich VII., the sister of Heinrich VIII.

war with England

in the course of the Italian of wars fell the new English king Heinrich VIII. 1513 alsoits army in France . Scotland was in a difficult situation, since it was bound at France still by the Auld Alliance. Therefore Jakob used the absence Heinrichs and explained to England the war. The campaign found short time later its bloody high point inthe battle of Flodden Field. The close English-Scottish border fell the king and with him many high-ranking noble ones as well as ten thousand its subjects.

A corpse, whom one regarded as the dead Scottish king, was saved on the battleground and transferred to London. Since Jakob exkommuniziert, lay the installation as revision modification ores body was several years unbestattet in the monastery of Sheen in Surrey and was lost in confusions of the reformation .


Jakob IV. was married with Margaret Tudor, with which it had four sons:

  • James (* 21. February 1507;† 27. February 1508)
  • Arthur (* 20. October 1509; † 14. July 1510)
  • Jakob V. (* 10. April 1512; † 14. December 1542)
  • Alexander (* 30. April 1514; † 18. December 1515)

It had also sieves illegitimate children of four different women, three of JanetKennedy, two of Marion Boyd and per one of Margaret Drummond and Isabel Buchan.

  • Alexander (* 1493; † 9. September 1513)
  • Catherine († 1554)
  • James (* 1499, † 2. December 1544)
  • Margaret (* 1497)
  • Janet († 1462)
  • of two further children, those briefly after the birth

the illegitimate son Alexander (by Marion Boyd) died from the Jakobs to the archbishop of sp Andrew had been appointed and died with its father on the battleground.

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