Jakob sprinkler (LV politician)

Jakob sprinkler (* 24. July 1884 in upper living (with bath Bergzabern); † 8. April 1945 in Kössen (Tirol) Suizid) was a National Socialist politician.

1922 became a post office supervisor Jakob sprinkler member of the NSDAP. The militant Antisemit made there fast career, first for 1927 as a gau leader of Hessen Nassau - south and starting from September 1930 as a member of the realm daily.

To 5. May 1933 he was appointed the realm governor of the republic Hessen and director/conductor new gau of the Hessen Nassau, which covered additionally Hessen darmstadt. Due to realm governor law of 30. January 1935 he could take over two years later from Philipp William young the guidance of the federal state government. Beside Martin Mutschmann he was an only realm governor, who was assigned this dual function.

At the 1. September 1939 became SA upper group leader Reichsverteidigungskommissar of the military district XII, starting from 1. December 1943 also in gau the Hessen Nassau. Therefore 1944 took place following the areas of the realm defense districts and gaus of the NSDAP additionally the appointment as the upper president of the new Prussian province Nassau.

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