Jakob Stämpfli

Jakob Stämpfli (* 23. February 1820 in Janzenhaus with Wengi, office Büren; † 15. May 1879 in Berne), was a Swiss politician (FDP).


it studied Berne jurisprudence at the university, became 1843 lawyer and stepped 1845 asEditor that Bernese newspaper, the organ of the radical party, in opposition to the then dominant moderately liberal parliamentary group. In the condition advice called up on its initiative it led the main voice beside Ulrich ox leg. In July 1846 into Bernese the government advice destined, he transferred thoseLine of finances and introduced the direct taxation, the abolition of all Feudallasten and the centralization of the arm nature.1849 he became a head of the provincial government, had to withdraw however 1850 with the fall of the radical party in the private life.

1849 of its canton into the Swiss condition advice and 1850 into that National council , which 1851 and 1854 präsidierte , it, after it had only stepped straight due to the fusion of the two bernischen parties again into the government of the canton, became selected to 6. December 1854 in place of ox leg into the Upper House of Parliament appoint.

Up to its office delivery to 31. December 1863 it managed the following Departementen:

he was Federal President in the years 1856, 1859 and 1862 and vice-president in the years 1855, 1858 and 1861.

Stämpfli became extraordinarily popular by its clear attitude in the conflicts with Prussia after striking down the royalistischen Putsches in new castle of 1856 and with France after its assumption of Savoyen in the year 1860 as well as by its futile demand for building and buy-back of the railways by the state.

After its separating from the Upper House of Parliament it was from 1865 to 1878 president of the so-called Swiss federal bank, the Vorläuferin of the Swiss central bank. 1872 it becameappointed from the Upper House of Parliament to the member of the international arbitral tribunal in the Alabamafrage.

Stämpfli was the son-in-law of William Snell. He was buried on that Bernese Bremgartenfriedhof, but its grave is in the meantime waived.

Ulrich ox leg
member in Swiss Upper House of Parliament
of 1855-1863
Karl give
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