Jakob V. (Scotland)

Jakob V.

Jakob V. (English. James V; * 10. April 1512 in the Linlithgow Palace; † 14. December 1542 in the Falkland Palace) was from 1513 to its death king of Scotland. It became as a third son of the Jakobs IV.and its wife Margaret Tudor born.

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Jakobs was only 17 months old, as it its father as Jakob the IV. after the throne followed. The coronation/culmination took place to 21. September 1513 in Stirling Castle. During its childhood the country was governed by regents: First of its nut/mother Margaret Tudor (sister of the English king Heinrich VIII.), until she married Douglas in the year following on it archie soon, afterwards of John Stewart (after the Jakobs and its younger brotherAlexander in third place of the succession to the throne was).

1525 took over archie soon Douglas the regency and held his stepson Jakob for the penetration of his own claims to power on Edinburgh Castle practically like a prisoner. Its nut/mother, that was divorced from archie soon Douglas meanwhile, help it 1528 to the escapeand to the assumption of the rule.


Jakob V. von Schottland und Maria de Guise
Jakob V. by Scotland and Maria de Guise
Jakob's first measure as a king was the deprivation of power from archie soon Douglas, who thereupon to England fled. Thereupon it suppressed a rebellion of rebels at the south border and hadbloody arguments with the powerful clan MacDouglas, the rulers of the exteriors Hebriden. By radical control of the royal goods it increased its income. It gave lucrative Pfründe to its illegitimate sons, whereby substantial funds of the church flowed into its own bags. A large partits fortune used it for removals at the Stirling Castle, at the Falkland Palace, at the Linlithgow Castle and at the Holyrood Palace.

In the Jakobs' V. Reign fell the prevention of Heinrich VIII. of the Roman-catholic church and the establishment of the Church OF England. Romesaw in Scotland an important allied one against the English Ketzer, and England looked for Scotland as allied one against Rome. Heinrich VIII. therefore offered to the young James V. its daughter Mary (late Maria I.„the catholic one” or „Bloody Mary”) to the woman on. Jakob knows this and allfurther English suggestions back and decided instead to renew the Auld Alliance and to bring Scotland into the French-papal camp. Apart from its search for a rich dowry, that was one of the reasons for its marriages with two Französinnen.

Jakob was considered as rachsüchtig, have greedyand inconsiderately. Its pityless procedure against uncomfortable Untergebene and its distrust divided the nation. The king did not bear shed they and during his rule numerous prominent proponents of the reformation was executed. The most well-known was Patrick Hamilton, the 1528 in sp Andrew on the heap of failure one burned.

At the 1. January 1537 he married de of Paris in the cathedral Notre-Dame larva line de Valois, the daughter of the French king Franz I. It died however in the July of the same yearly childless. Soon thereafter James took Marie de Guise in second marriage to the woman.The wedding found to 18. May 1538 instead of, likewise in the cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris. The family De Guise was one of the most powerful and most influential prince houses of France and even Europe. Marie de Guise bore two sons, who died however already early.

Sent Jakob played firstbut the same map as its uncle Heinrich VIII. against the Pope. A very extensive financial package in the form of religious taxes accepted it thanking and uses it intelligently, by bringing thereby 1532 in Edinburgh the college OF Justiciary into being, instead of thatactually to undertake promised crusade.

After the death of his nut/mother in the year 1541 Jakob saw no more reason to keep the peace with England upright. The conflict ended to 24. November 1542 with the battle of Solway Moss. Without French support and consideringthe size of the English armed forces it was an absolutely however-however campaign, so that the Scottish army was destroying struck. Heart-ill, full Gram over the defeat and of the fever vibrated was appropriate for the Jakobs few days after this battle in the Falkland Palace. There it receivedthe message that the queen had born not the hoped for male successor to the throne, but a girl. It was so disappointed over it and excited themselves so much that it shortly thereafter to 14. December 1542 died. He was buried in the Holyrood Abbey in Edinburgh.

On thatHe is to have said dying bed: “With a woman the Stuarts ascended and with a woman it will go down” this was an allusion on the Stuart dynasty, those from Marjorie Bruce, the daughter of Robert I.justified was. Its only legitimate child, thosestraight once six days old Maria Stuart, its successor became. The house Stewart remained existing nevertheless, since it married late lord Darnley, a cousin of first degree. Probably Jakob, Maria thought will remain either childless and the Stuarts then with it will become extinct, or hera foreign Tronfolger would marry, Scotland his country would incorporate.


in first marriage he married larva line de Valois, who died however childless. In second marriage it ground itself then with Marie de Guise, with whom it two sonsand a daughter had:

  • James (* 22. May 1540; † April 1541)
  • Arthur (* † April 1541)
  • Maria Stuart (* 8. December 1542; † 8. February 1587)

Besides he was father of several illegitimate children. The second James became a late regent during the rule of Maria Stuartand Jakob VI.

  • James (* 1529; † 1558)
  • James (* 1531; † 21. January 1570)
  • Robert (* 1533; † 1591)
  • John (* 1531; † 1563)
  • Adam († 1600)
  • Jean († 1581)
  • James († 1581)
  • Robert († 1581)
  • Margaret

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