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James Francis Cameron (* 16. August 1954 in Kapuskasing, Ontario, Canada) is a Canadian director, producer and a film script author.

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Cameron buildup in the Canadian Niagara of case. Its father was an electrical engineer and its nut/mother was a painter. James was interested already in the infancy in it,like things function and was curious about all new one. Together with its brother Mike, which should play a not insignificant role in the course of its career, he was practically the scientist in its small place of residence.

In the age from 15 years was James clearly, which it wanted to become later once. He saw the film in the cinema “2001: Odyssey in space “of Stanley Kubrick. This film and its design impressed it in such a way that it decided to go to the film.Cameron was suitable in books of everything concerning film history and Special Effects on, which it end the 60's/beginning of the 70's gave to know. On the other side it was frustrated over the fact that it removes thousands from miles fromHollywood lived.

This condition should change, as its father a job offer in orange County, California for 1971 got. James was because of the prospect to pull into the proximity from Hollywood to enthusiastically from the new situation. However it placed after thatRemoval fast firmly that it is not so simple, a career in Hollywood to start and its family could not afford training at a film school. Therefore it began a physics study at the filler clay/tone college and changed then too EnglishLiterature, when its mathematics abilities were not sufficient any longer.

After it had left the college, it married its first wife - Susan Williams - and worked as a truck driver. he saw then a film, that to 1977 its passion for the film making again againkindled - star Wars. Disappointed and it motivates that that was the film, which he wanted to always make, he was suitable fanatisch knowledge over the film script letter, film making etc. on and learned to deal with film equipment. However also its marriage wentinto the breaks.

With its first film “Xenogenesis”, a 35-mm-Kurzfilm, which he turned 1979 together with its friend William wiper and which got financed by a consortium of dentists, functioned Cameron at the same time as a director, producer, author, cameraman, Cutter, model construction amateur andSpecial Effects responsible person. During the production of the film Cameron its job gave up as a truck driver. The film however never came on a canvas. Cameron decided to invest its complete time in the film making and applied therefore with “new World Pictures”, thatProduction company of Roger Corman. After he worked at some films behind the window blinds and made themselves unpopular at the staff due to its ambition, he got 1981 its first order to turn as a director a motion picture film.

As it asAusstatter experimented to steer larvae was noticeable it to Italian film producers. Its first film “Piranhas 2 " was an enormous disappointment, for Cameron in addition, an important experience for it as a director. The Italian producer mixed constantly into thoseAnd this it led turning work to the fact that Cameron broke in at night into the cut work of the producer in Rome, in order to complete the film in such a way, as he would have it gladly. Nevertheless the film did not become a success.

the break-through

1982and back in America it wrote a film script for a film, which finally made it the star - for terminator. The film script was based on a nightmare of Cameron. It sold it to the Produzentin Gale Anne Hurd for 1 dollaragainst the promise that it was allowed to lead direction with the film. Since the financing of the film dragged on, it only 1984 came into the cinemas. Cameron had its first hit and became beside Arnold Schwarzenegger to the new star in the film sky.In the time up to the terminator turning work Cameron wrote two further film scripts - for Aliens - the return and Rambo 2 - the order.

Over the conversion of the Rambo film script Cameron was completely annoyed, anti-militia air tables one would have completely omitted.In an interview with the German film critic Milan Pavlovic answered Cameron however to the question whether he would have processed own Viet Nam experiences in the film script that he would not have had to do anything as Canadians with the Viet Nam war.

After the producers ofAliens, walter Hill, David Giler and Gordon Carroll the film script of Cameron read (only precondition over contents of the film was: Ripley and soldiers) and the success of terminator experienced, offered them to it the direction for Aliens - thoseReturn on. Cameron accepted the offer on the condition that Hurd produced. For only 18 million dollar it turned the Sequel to Ridley Scotts Alien, which applies under Cineasten as one of the most successful continuations at all. Gale Anne Hurdbecame 1984 the second Mrs. von Cameron. Cameron had after the film the liberty to do which it wanted.

Next it turned a film, whose story was based on a history, which it at the age of 17 years in oneBiology hour wrote. Later at the university with a lecture a man was demonstrated, who breathed a liquid satisfied with oxygen in a diver suit instead of air, in order to be able to dip in such a way into large depths.The Abyss came 1989 into the cinemas.With 48 million dollar production costs the film came only scarcely into the profit area. “The Abyss” belongs to the largest milestones of film history, since he revolutionized the trick technology. Completely new techniques such as Morphing, photo-realistic computer animations and underwater BlueScreen partly becameparticularly for this film develops. However the film until today is considered also as example to bad marketing, since one did not lose a word in the advertisement over the innovative effects. In order not to repeat this error, the special effects became with the nextFilm (terminator 2) in the advertisement overemphasizes. The qualities of the film justified a larger fan municipality for Cameron, The Abyss ran still for many years in program cinemas.

The next film was the continuation of its first hit from the year 1984. “Terminator2 - The return " was 1991 the most expensive film of all times. The film script 94 million of the dollar expensive strip wrote Cameron as well as William wiper. With the turning work Cameron fell in love with its Hauptdarstellerin Linda Hamilton, which he 1997married. For this reason it could be separated from the rain eating urine Kathryn Bigelow, which it had met 1989 with an attendance of turning work.

The idea for the next film supplied Arnold Schwarzenegger personally. With one of the common motorcycle routes with Camerontold it it of a French comedy with the title “La total one”. This was the basis for the first act ion comedy of Cameron - True read. The film came 1994 into the cinema. To 19. December 1997 came finally Titanic intothe American cinemas (first performance in Germany: 8. January 1998). The film expensive according to statements Camerons scarcely over 200 million dollar received 11 Oscars and is considered as past high point of its career.

the time after Titanic

after Titanic pulledCameron from the direction business as far as possible back and worked itself on the development of new film technologies, effects etc. Its brother Mike was and is him thereby today still another important support. In the year 2000 Cameron took new paths and brought its firstTV-series to the start. “Dark fishing rod “(Dark fishing rod in the Internet Movie DATA cousin) ran also in Germany on VOX. The series was however no large success and after 2 relays was again adjusted. Together with Bill Paxton and its brother Mike realized Cameron 2001 a IMAX -3D-Film over the Titanic, the 2003 into the cinemas came - “Ghosts OF the Abyss” (Ghosts OF the Abyss into the Internet Movie DATA cousin).

2002 produced Camerona TV-documentation on the German battle ship “Bismarck” (expedition: Bismarck in the Internet Movie DATA cousin), that was sent on Discovery Channel. In the German television the series was shown 2006 by RTL.

2005 came a 3D-Dokumentation with the title “AliensOF the Deep " into the IMAX - cinemas, in which Cameron as well as NASA scientists examines mountain chains on the sea-bottom and deep sea organisms.

At present Cameron with the films plans “Avatar “and the filming of” Battle fishing rod Alita “toto turn first time since Titanic again features for the cinema.

Cameron is current since that 4. June 2000 with Suzy revision modifications marries. Cameron began an affair with the actress during the turning work to Titanic. Revision modifications works in the filmalso also. It has two children with it, Claire and Quinn [1].

the new project

for 2007 announced to Cameron the filming Japanese one gas “Battle fishing rod” (Battle fishing rod in the Internet Movie DATA cousin).According to own statements this is to become Hollywood Blockbuster.


  • Cameron is notorious to grumble at the set always loudly and constantly insult everyone, which is to probably due to the absolute perfectionism, which it different interviewsand to the day puts to reports according to within each range of production. Thus it came with the turning work to Aliens to conflicts with parts of the English crew, because these did not accept the work speed Camerons. With the turning work to terminator 2many crew members carried caps with the label “T3 - ME” (T3 - without me) without.
  • After “The Abyss” stressed both Cameron and Produzentin Hurd, which was to become smaller next project an in any case number, no longer somewhat so largeand expensive. The next project was “terminator 2”, twice as expensively like “The Abyss”.
  • Beginning of the 1990er years signed Cameron a basic agreement over 20 films, which guarantees it a fee of altogether 500 million dollar.

Filmographie asDirector

important honors/nominating


  • 1997: Best direction for Titanic, best one cut for Titanic, best film for Titanic

golden Globe

  • 1997: Nominating -Best film script for Titanic
  • 1997: Best direction in the category “Motion Picture” for Titanic
  • 1997: Best film in the category “drama” for Titanic


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