James Carter (athlete)

James Carter (* 7. May 1978 in Baltimore, Maryland) is an US-American athlete.

The 400-m-Hürden-Läufer Carter is trained by the former world class runner Antonio Pettigrew and experienced its international break-through in the year 2000, when it qualified itself as the third US-Trials for the olympic plays in Sydney. Into Sydney he came then in the final and reserved the fourth seat. 2001 it became again third US-Trials for the athlete IC world championship 2001 in Edmonton. Into Edmonton he did not come however beyond the semi-final.

it moved up 2002 then finally into the world point. It US-American master and was platziert in the same year as third-best runners of the world. To setbacks in the year 2003 he came again as a US master to the olympic plays 2004 to Athens. It could not fulfill itself however again the dream of olympic medal and became fourth. 2005 seemed to become again difficult it for it, since new young runners moved in the footlights. Favorite for the athlete IC world championship 2005 in Helsinki were the 19jährige Kerron Clement and Bershawn Jackson, which lay both with the US-American championships before it. Clement failed however because of its inexperience and Carter finally won the silver medal. It ran in the final from Helsinki a new personal Bestzeit from 47.43 seconds.


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