James Coburn

James Coburn (* 31. August 1928 in Laurel, Nebraska, the USA; † 18. November 2002 in Beverly Hills, California, the USA) was an US-American Filmschauspieler.

The 1.93 m man became by Western - roles and action-loaded films admits, however never roseinto the first number of the Hollywoodstars up. It played however in some classical authors of these categories along and is therefore a broad public well-known. He was in Germany a very popular actor. High point of its career, those was above all coined/shaped by the representation of hard menin dangerous situations, the OSCAR for the best Nebenrolle was in the chase from the year 1997, where it at the side of nod Nolte and Sissy Spacek the father of nod Nolte played.

James Coburn was married twice and died 2002 after one Cardiac infarct.

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