James Franco

James Edward Franco (* 19. April 1978 in Palo Alto, California) is an US-American actor, director, a film script author and a producer.

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childhood and training

James Franco saw 1978 than son of Betsy and Doug Franco the light of the world. Together with his two younger brothers Tom and David he buildup in Palo Alto, California . After its graduation to the there High School, where it and. A. from its schoolmates to the boy with the most beautiful smile , wrote themselves he was selected 1996 at the University OF California in Los Angeles (UCLA), in order to study English. Besides it occupied play courses around its shyness to strip. Much to the displeasure of its parents it already gave up the study after one year and decided for a professional career as an actor. From now on Franco took play instruction at the Playhouse west of Robert Carnegie. After fifteen monatigen training it applied in Hollywood for roles and participated themselves on differently Castings.

1999 celebrated James Franco its first Nebenrolle in the TV-Mehrteiler days full bloods - which Bestie of Dallas, in which three generations of policemen try to place the most dangerous series killer Texas '. Whereupon followed a Nebenrolle in Raja Gosnells romance comedy Ungeküsst, at the side of and. A. Drew Barrymore, Michael Vartan and David Arquette. Franco celebrated the first large success of its still recent career in the same year with its role in the short-lived TV-series full beside it, fully in the life. The series radiated on NBC acts of pair of brothers and sisters Lindsay and SAM Wear (easily of Linda Cardellini and John Francis Daley) that in the year 1980/1981 the McKinley High School in a suburb of Detroit, Michigan visits. Here Lindsay and SAM make friends themselves with two kinds of pupils, the Strebern (English. Geeks) and the Freaks, to which also Daniel Desario belonged alias to James Franco. Fully beside it, fully in the life by the critics one praised and one distinguished with a Emmy. The series enjoyed moves fan municipality of one, could however and. A. due to shifts of the transmission place and low ratingses do not establish and after only twelve episodes one set off.

break-through as James Dean

after full beside it, fully in the life celebrated the charismatische actor in the year 2000 with If Tomorrow Never Comes its cinema debut with its first main role. In the thriller of guessed/advised Steenhagen loses itself a young man in the search for its nut/mother, whom he never know-close-learned and its father, a smallcriminal. The romance comedy hopeless followed in love from David Raynr and the TV-film RK Any Coast, into two brothers decides in of Los Angeles skirt volume to base, before it was gecastet for the main role of the James Dean in Marks of Rydells biographic TV-film of the same name. The role legendary canvas acting like with only three films and its early death in the year 1956 to the Pop icon, brought to Franco into Hollywood large success and it 2002 with one golden Globe was distinguished, as well as for a Emmy and a screen Actors Guild Award nominates. “James Dean to haven RA animals was unbelievably”, like that Franco. “I was first anxious, when I near-went to the project, but I felt, I could describe its depth well.”

By his role as James Dean at popularity in the USA won, 2002 for SAM Raimis Comic filming Spider-Man one engaged to James Franco. Originally he had pronounced for the main role Peter Parker/Spider-Man, however then for the role of the Harry Osborne had been selected, since Tobey Maguire received the main role. In the film Franco made a world-wide public on itself attentive as a son of a multi-millionaire, who mutates after an accident in a laboratory to the rogue. The film started in the USA at the same time as Scott Kalverts Actionfilm Deuces game - game in the roads in which it in a Nebenrolle at the side of Brad Renfro and Stephen Dorff acted. The crime film drama town center followed by the Sea in which it personally by leading actor Robert de Niro was obligated, the Franco in James Dean had seen. For Independent production he achieved 2003 a nominating as best Nebendarsteller with the Chlotrudis Awards.

first going attempts as a director

after the 180 cm large actors in the Kurzfilm The Car Kid beside Meat Loaf , as well as a Nebenrolle in Robert Altmans drama The company - which received ensemble, at the side from Neve Campbell and Malcolm McDowell , acted followed to 2004 James Francos first own film. With its film production company Rabbit Bandini Production produced Franco the comedy The Ape, with which he led direction and together with Merriwether Williams also the film script wrote. In The Ape, played Franco also the main role - Harry Walker, a young writer in its dwelling suddenly on a Hawaii - shirt basic gorilla meets, means with Harry his opinions over the life to have to divide the love and animal magnetism. On 1000 US Dollar production costs the geschätze film had granted only little success. 2004 followed again under the direction SAM Raimis the second part of the mirror-image the one row. In Spider-Man 2 of the two years after the events around the green Goblin, the character Harry Osbornes plays was continued to develop still. After the death of its father in the first part it is forbidding third and flees itself into the alcohol. Harry gives Spider-Man the debt at the death of its father and tries by plots the superheroes to throats. Also this film ran already like the first part at the world-wide Kinokassen and 2005 with a OSCAR was successfully distinguished.

Meanwhile James Franco in the dream factory Hollywood is considered to John Dahls Kriegsrama The Great Raid as one valley-animal-tests new generation actors and works until 2007 at seven film projects, under it on the side of Benjamin Bratt and Connie Nielsen and the third part of the Spider one Saga. 2005 Franco besides to the direction chair place will take and the comedy Fool's gold will produce, for which he wrote again the film script and, will take over in which he also the main role with Merriwether Williams. „That is only a kind fun “, like that Franco over its work as a director. „You (the films) are based on pieces which I with a friend wrote and I use people from the group of theatres, which along-played in the piece that is an interest, which I develop slowly. “

Private lives James Franco in Los Angeles and is associated with the actress and Model Ashley Hartman. Franco, that was selected by the US-American magazine People 2004 under the 50 hottest Bachelors and in the High School with the pointed name Ted and/or. Teddy was called, gives themselves in its spare time extensively the painting . Its works were issued already the-more frequent in art galleries in and around Los Angeles.



  • 1999 - days full bloods - the Bestie of Dallas (ton of Serve and protect) US-American TV-series
  • 1999 - Ungeküsst (Never Been Kissed)
  • 1999 - full beside it, fully in the life (Freaks and Geeks) US-American TV-series
  • 2000 - If Tomorrow Comes
  • 2000 - hopeless falls in love (Whatever It Takes)
  • 2000 - RK Any Coast (TV)
  • 2001 - Some Body
  • 2001 - James Dean (TV)
  • 2002 - Spider-Man
  • 2002 - Deuces game - game in the roads (Deuces game)
  • 2002 - You Always Stalk the Ones You Love
  • 2002 - MON ago Ghost
  • 2002 - blindly Spot
  • 2002 - Sonny
  • 2002 - Town center by the Sea
  • 2003 - Mean People Suck
  • 2003 - The Car Kid
  • 2003 - The company - the ensemble (The company)
  • 2004 - The Ape
  • 2004 - Spider-Man 2
  • 2005 - Fool's gold
  • 2005 - The Great Raid
  • 2006 - Tristan & Isolde
  • 2006 - Annapolis
  • 2006 - Flyboys
  • 2006 - Good Time max
  • of 2007 - Spider-Man 3


  • 2004 - The Ape
  • 2005 - Fool's gold

film script author

  • 2004 - The Ape
  • 2005 - Fool's gold


  • 2004 - The Ape


golden Globe

  • 2002 - best actor in a TV-Mehrteiler or TV-film for James Dean


  • 2002 - nominated as best leading actors Broadcast film Critics Association Awards the further in
a TV-Mehrteiler or a TV-film


James Dean [work on]

  • 2002 - best actor in a TV-film for James Dean

Chlotrudis Awards

  • 2003 - nominated than best Nebendarsteller for town center by the Sea

screen Actors Guild Awards

  • 2002 - than best leading actor in a TV-Mehrteiler or TV-film for James Dean Young

kindist Awards nominates

  • 2000 - nominates than best juvenile play ensemble in a TV-series for full beside it, fully in the life (together with John Francis Daley, Sarah Hagan, Jarrett Lennon, Samm Levine, April 1978




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