James Lightbody

James Davies “Jim” Lightbody (* 15. March 1882 in Pittsburgh, † 2. March 1953 in Charleston, South Carolina) was an US-American athlete and olympia winner.

1905 it won and. A. the AAU - Championships over 800 and 1500 meters. Already with III. Olympic summer games 1904 in pc. Louis won it the gold medal in the 800-Meter-Lauf, before the two other Americans Howard Valentine and Emil broad cross and the gold medal in the 1500-Meter-Lauf (with a new world record) before the two other Americans Willian Verner and Lacey Hearn as well as the gold medal in the obstacle run over 2590 meters before the Britisher John Daly and the American Arthur Newton.

With the olympic intermediate plays 1906 in Athens it won the silver medal over 800 meters, behind the American Paul Pilgrim and before the Britisher Wyndham neck wave. Over 1500 meters it could defend its title of 1904 and won gold before the Britisher John McGough and Sweden Kristian lightflows.


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