James Longstreet

James Longstreet (* 8. January 1821 in the Edgefield District, South Carolina; † 2. January 1904 in Gainesville, Georgia) was Kommandierender general I. Corps of the Army OF Northern Virginia of the Konföderierten states of America.

Generalleutnant James Longstreet
Lieutenant general James Longstreet

lieutenant generalJames Longstreet was the support of general Robert E. Lee, the commander in chief of the Army OF Northern Virginia. It was always called by this My old warhorse (my old Schlachtross). Friends called it always “old Pete” or only Pete. It is a particularly tragicFigure of the civil war, since by some historians the principal debt at the defeat was pushed over to it with Gettysburg.

It is one of the few generals of the Southern States, for which anywhere a monument was not set. The main role in the destruction of the Reputation of Longstreet had general JubalA. Early, which to one the largest wonderful general Lees had developed after the war. Lee had died 1870 and since then the cult by its person in the immeasurable had increased. Early became together with Lees son of the managers of the cult around Lee.There was a shade however on the Reputation Lees:Gettysburg. Lee had lost a large battle there. It had to be found someone, as a scapegoat held. This was Longstreet, that by its slow procedure to 2. July 1863 already during the civil war criticism causedhad. Early created it fast to pull the newspapers and above all the historians of its time on its side and soon was valid Lehrmeinung that Longstreet was the exclusive guilty one at the defeat with Gettysburg. This opinion held on until far in 20. Century,and only newer research resulted in that also Lee a part of the defeat is to be taken into account.

Longstreet however contributed by some unfortunate actions themselves to this bad reputation. First its postwar friendship became the US general Ulysses S. Grant as not patriotically outstandingly. As Longstreet also still, was almost full the measure joined the republican party. Longstreet last published still its memoirs, in which he dealt relentlessly with Lee. This was not forgiven to it in the south. It became the Paria. Only briefly before his death, with an official commemoration ceremony, receivedLongstreet an indication that it was more popular than accepted. When its Kutsche drove in an honour course, recognized him suddenly veterans of the civil war and collected themselves spontaneously, in order to give the Kutsche escort.


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